Why Did Miyamura Cut His Hair in Horimiya?

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Why Did Miyamura Cut His Hair in Horimiya?

One of the best romance anime that will make you swoon is Horimiya. We cannot deny their fans as the series really knows how to make viewers’ hearts race and feel butterflies in their stomachs. In the series, Miyamura was known for his long hair. Though not everyone notices him, his long luscious locks have been his signature look. But why did Miyamura cut his hair?

His girlfriend, Kyouko Hori, was the most surprised when her boyfriend came to school one day with his new haircut. From having long gorgeous hair, he now has ear-length hair that actually reveals the piercings he tried so hard to hide.

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Why Did Miyamura Cut His Hair in Horimiya?

Why Did Miyamura Cut His Hair in Horimiya? 2
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Miyamura’s drastic change in his looks has something to do with the change he decided to make to his personality and the advancement of his relationship with Hori.

Before he decided to cut his hair, a lot of rumors were spreading after the two of them were seen holding hands. Most of the rumors are against the couple.

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Days after, Miyamura came to school with his new look and unseen glasses, which he always wore. Everyone decided to crowd him as if they were not badmouthing him a couple of days ago. There are two reasons he decided to two this.

The first one would be for Hori. He wanted the gossip to stop and prevent him from tarnishing her reputation. He wanted people to accept him as her boyfriend. Another is his acceptance of himself. Miyamura hid from the world because of his past but his look gave him a fresh vibe as if signalling that he was able to let go of his old self.


Of course, not all viewers were supportive of Miyamura’s look. Beauty is subjective, after all. But whether viewers liked it or not, the symbolism of Miyamura’s change has greatly affected his overall character growth. His development in the series made a lot of fans love him, which probably made Hori proud of her boyfriend.

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