Best Romance Anime to Fall Hard For

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One of the common genres in anime is romance. Sometimes, it might not be the main theme, but fans will notice that the genre is still there to add thrill to the series. The romance genre is well-known because some fans, mostly the hopeless romantics, enjoy the cliché scenes and lines from characters.

The unique and unusual love stories that are made in anime, especially the supernatural ones, excite those who wish to have their love story of their own. The genre can speak to those who are in relationships as some find these stories to be relatable to their own lives. With this, a lot of romance anime is popular in the industry. Here are some that fans should definitely watch based on our opinion.

  1. Fruits Basket

    Even before the 2019 version of Fruits Basket, the series was already popular. The romantic fantasy series captured the hearts of anime fans in 2001 with its fresh plotline. Fruits Basket focuses on the Tohru Honda who lived with the Sohma family, who happened to be cursed. Selected members of the family turn into Chinese Zodiacs when hugged by the opposite sex or when they are sick.

    In terms of the romance aspect, fans will fall hard with Tohru and Kyo’s story. Although some believe that Tohru should have ended with Yuki, it was clear from the start that Tohru will develop feelings for the orange-haired character. The fact that Tohru accepted Kyo fully will make fans wish they have someone like that.

  2. Your Name

    If we talk about anime romance movies, then Your Name is one of the top films recommended by romance fans. The 2016 movie follows Taki and Mitsuha who surprisingly switched bodies, not knowing that they both come from different timeframes. At first, they thought they were just dreaming until they realized that they can communicate or leave messages through paper, phones, or even their skin.

    Aside from being intrigued about the characters’ body switching connection, fans can’t help but fall in-love with how the characters love each other. In addition, the contrasting timeframes made it almost impossible for the two characters to meet, giving fans more feels as they watch the film.

  3. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

    As mentioned, there are series that do not focus on romance alone. Some have other genres to spice things up. One best example is Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. The romantic comedy series was a fan-favorite among romance lovers.  

    The story is about Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, who obviously like each other but they are too proud to confess. Instead, they will do interesting schemes to make the other person reveal his or her feelings. The unique premise will keep viewers craving for more. Each “battle” between the two will make fans fall for the characters and wish they will just confess already. It will also make fans wonder how come their high school life wasn’t exciting like this one?

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