04 Apr 2018 10:46 AM +00:00 UTC

Why CW's Flash Doesn't Wear Yellow Boots

While it's gotten much more convoluted in recent years, there's no doubt that there are still fans of CW's The Flash. Even with all of the time travel hijinx, the show at least doesn't take itself so seriously like Arrow does, making some of the sillier elements easier to digest.

Considering how silly the show can get, especially when Wentworth Miller was on screen, it might be hard to fathom the reason why Flash's costume didn't include his yellow boots.

Arrowverse costume designer Andy Poon recently celebrated the fact that the CW has renewed most of its DC shows, including The Flash. Soon enough, fans started asking why this version of the Scarlet Speedster doesn't have his yellow boots. Poon said that they would be too cartoony for the CW show.

Keep in mind that this is a universe where superpowers, time travel, and revival is possible. The yellow boots might not be the most well-known thing about The Flash but they aren't that silly, to be honest.


Also, has Poon seen Wentworth Miller in this series?

CW's The Flash will be renewed for a new season. The DCEU Flash movie might have also received a name change, possibly moving on from Flashpoint.

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