03 Apr 2018 5:14 PM +00:00 UTC

DCEU's Flash Solo Movie Could Drop the 'Flashpoint' Title

A lot of people were unsure about the Flash solo movie when it was announced that the new title would be Flashpoint, but it looks like Warner Bros is once again changing their mind and dropping the title.

While covering news about Dan Mazeau adapting Ernest Cline's Armada book, The Hollywood Reporter mentions that Mazeau:

"worked on the Warner Bros.' Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint."

This lead to some discussion by several people who caught it, and THR's Borys Kit went on to clarify via Twitter:


This is certainly changes things for the direction the movie is going. For one, a lot of people thought that the film deciding to adapt The Flashpoint Paradox was too premature, seeing that the events in the comic could merit a story for a Justice League movie. Having the Flash just have a self-contained time travel adventure on his own without the Flashpoint title could ease fans up on expectations; not to mention it would save the DCEU a great story for the future when the audience is more familiar with the characters.

For now, The Flash still has no release date, but the movie does have its directors in the form of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Hopefully WB will provide us with a solid release date soon—possibly set in 2020.

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