Why Comic Book Legend George Perez Can't Watch Any Teen Titans Adaptation

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It's kind of interesting how DC's Teen Titans franchise has way more success in other media than the comics. Yes, everyone remembers and loves the historic run in the ‘80s from Marv Wolfman and George Perez, but the modern comics have had a harder time getting reader interest, though Adam Glass' current run might change things. Still, with DC Universe's Titans getting a lot of attention and Teen Titans GO airing on Cartoon Network, the team's television presence is stronger than ever.

Speaking of Perez, the retired comic book legend was recently asked if he has seen Titans or any of the adapted versions of this franchise. In a surprising twist, Perez reveals that he can't get into any of the new versions of these characters since they aren't the ones he created. It's a bit egotistic but the characters and stories are based on his work.

Here's why Perez can't watch any of the Teen Titans adaptations, via an interview with Collider:

"I've never seen the [Teen] Titans cartoon, I've never seen the Titans live-action TV series. People who love it, fantastic. But remember, I'm the one who designed them. I've yet to see... anyone actually do my characters, the way I designed them. They all look so different that I have a mental detachment for it. Marv [Wolfman] embraces them more because, conceptually, Marv can identify with them. Visually, I can't. They don't look like my characters."

Perez isn't the first comic creator who wasn't a fan of these different interpretations. While Stan Lee was more than okay with the Marvel movies, Frank Miller actively hates all of the live-action Batman movies he has seen. At the least, Perez is happy about these series' getting people into the comics.

Titans is expected to have a second season in DC Universe.

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