Why Brian Michael Bendis Brought Back the Ultimate Universe

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Brian Michael Bendis shocked fans with the ending of Spider-MenII when he revealed that the Ultimate Universe was reborn. Though it petered out over the years thanks to the abundance of continuity that naturally comes to a comic book universe, there was a time when the Marvel line was must-see. Now that its back, fans are wondering why the writer decided to resurrect the dead comic universe, especially now that he's leaving for DC Comics.

On Tumblr, Bendis claimed that he didn't know he was heading to DC when he finished the final issue of Spider-Men II. However, he decided to resurrect the universe when he found out how many fans supported the line throughout the years. Bendis also said that he hopes Marvel finds a way to embrace the alternate universe that made fans fall in love with comics at the time.


When Bendis started writing for Marvel in the early 2000's, one of his breakout comics was Ultimate Spider-Man. Originally intended to be an alternate retelling of the character's origins, it quickly became an ongoing series and later launched an entire publishing line that was meant to appeal to comic fans who felt the modern Marvel comics were bogged down by continuity.

In the end, Marvel managed to make their main line of comics more approachable for new readers, which eventually lead to the death of the Ultimate universe. Still, with Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ultimates, and the introduction of Miles Morales, it's fair to say that this line of Marvel comics made an impact.

Spider-Men II is available now in physical and digital comic stores.

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