Brian Michael Bendis Officially Starts Working for DC Comics

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The comic book world was shocked when it was revealed that Brian Michael Bendis had signed a multi-year deal with DC Comics. Bendis has been in Marvel for more than a decade, writing a number of acclaimed books like Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, and The Defenders. While he still has work to finish for Marvel, Bendis has confirmed that he is officially working on DC material.

On Twitter, Bendis confirmed that he was officially a part of the DC Comics family. He did say that there was a few more Marvel comics he was working on, due to his near-fatal illness back in December. Still, it's good to know that he is finally working on a DC title, whatever it is.

DC responded quickly by welcoming the writer on Twitter, posting a GIF of Bendis beside the company's logo. Some have speculated that the GIF comes from a previous meeting with the writer since he has been bedridden due to the aforementioned illness that almost took his life. Either way, fans can't wait to see what he brings to DC Comics.

Bendis previously confirmed that his last Marvel comic would be Invincible Iron Man #600. He recently finished Spider-Men II in a controversial manner, revealing a reborn Ultimate universe and the retirement of Miles Morales, at least for now. The writer isn't quite done with Miles yet, as he is still wrapping up the character's solo series, confirming that his last issue is Spider-Man #240.

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