Who is Who in the Chat Room in Durarara?

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Durarara Chat Room Anri

Durarara is full of stories that unravel themselves through various characters, so it can sometimes be hard to keep track!

While everything is breaking loose in the city outside, many of the show’s characters take refuge in an online chat room. However, everyone uses an alias to protect their identity from each other. So, the question is, who is who in the chat room in Durarara??


What is the Chatroom in Durarara?

The Chat Room in Durarara!!
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The chat room is an online messaging space that many of the Durarara characters use to talk about events happening in Ikebukuro. It appears to require a special invite to access, which explains why everyone in the room is connected to the story.

The chat room appears in many episodes and chapters in both the anime and light novels as a way of getting multiple characters’ perspectives on a recent incident.


Most of the characters in the chat room use aliases, hiding their real names. However, throughout the story, certain characters begin to learn the identities of the other people in the chat room and use this info to their advantage.

Durarara Chat Room Names

Durarara Chat Room Celty and Shinra
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Here is a list of all the people in the Durarara chat room:

Alias Color Character
BakyuraLight GreenMasaomi Kida
ChromePinkIzaya Orihara
GakiGreenMizuki Akabayashi
Junsui 100%BrownAoba Kuronuma
KanraOrangeIzaya Orihara
Kyou/KuruBlueKururi Orihara
Mai/SanDark BlueMairu Orihara
SaikaRedAnri Sonohara
SakiYellowSaki Mikajima
SharoLight BlueEijirou Sharaku
Tarou TanakaRoyal BlueMikado Ryuugamine

Who Knows Who in the Durarara Chat Room?

Durarara Chat Room Izaya
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Another big question is who knows who in the Durarara chat room!


It’s not always clear who knows what when it comes to Durarara, and there are instances throughout the show where someone’s identity is revealed to another character.

Izaya Orihara (Kanra) is the admin in the chat room. Also, as an information broker that ends up involved in most of the city’s stories, it’s unsurprising that he uses this to know everyone’s real identities!

Mikado, the show’s main character, quickly learns of Izaya’s identity. He also knows his best friend Masaomi Kida (Bakyura). Masaomi also discovers Izaya’s identity. Later in the series, Izaya uses Chrome as a way to conceal himself again.

Anri Sonohara joins the chat room with the alias Saika after it first appears to be spamming the chat. She and Celty (Setton) learn each other’s identities.

Izaya’s younger twin sisters, Kururi (Kyou/Kuru) and Mairu (Mai/San), both know each other’s identities. In fact, they often swap their personalities online, just to make it a bit more confusing!

There’s a lot to take in with Durarara’s chat room. However, if you’re struggling to keep track, don’t fear! All the important points that come from these chats are clearly explained - it’s more about enjoying how certain events ripple through the daily lives of everyone in the complex city!

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