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Does Celty Sturluson Find Her Head in Durarara?

Celty Sturluson Head Durarara

Durarara is an anime full of miniature sub-plots and interesting characters, none more so than the legendary headless rider! Her mission is one of the few narratives that make it through the whole show, but new viewers will be wondering, does Celty Sturluson find her head in Durarara?

Where is Celty’s Head?

Celty Sturluson's Head in Durarara
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As the show explains, Celty is not human but a Dullahan, an Irish fairy that rides on horseback carrying its head in its hand. However, her head was stolen from her, and she has little recollection of her life before that point.

Celty can feel a faint connection to her head, which she follows to Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

So she can search for her missing head, she changes her appearance and that of her horse to a motorbike.

When in Japan, she is discovered by Shinra Kishitani and agrees to his father Shingen performing an autopsy on her in return for keeping her secret. Shinra and Celty end up living together while she searches for her missing head.

Who Has Celty’s Head?

Mika Harima with Celty's head in Durarara!!
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Celty and the others soon discover that her head is in fact in Ikebukuro. However, there are a few different leads throughout the show.

The first person to have Celty’s Head is Namie Yagiri, the chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. She inherited it from her uncle, who regularly traded in strange artefacts.

In one of the first story arcs, the head appears to be attached to a young girl called Mika Harima. However, it is revealed that this is just plastic surgery to make her look like Celty’s head, which her boyfriend, and Namie’s younger brother, had fallen in love with.

Eventually, Namie is forced to give the head to Izaya Orihara in exchange for protection, and this is where it stays for much of the rest of the series, until the final cour.

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Does Celty Sturluson Find Her Head?

Celty Sturluson's head in Durarara!!
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Yes, in the later episodes of Durarara Celty Sturluson does find her head and is reunited. However, in the anime at least, the reunion does not last.

As part of a plot by slasher Kasane Kujiragi, Celty’s head is returned, making her whole once again. However, this causes her to lose all her memories of her time in Ikebukuro.

During the major conflict at the end of the series, as Celty is considering leaving, Shinra uses Saika’s power to sever the link between Celty and her head, restoring her memories of their time together. They decide that they no longer need the head, and it is kept by the Nebula Corporation in Chicago, for whom Shingen, Shinra’s father, works.

Durarara is a story filled with melancholic narratives, but Celty’s story is definitely one of the most heart-warming tales in the show!

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