Who Is Sword Man in Chainsaw Man?

Who Is Sword Man in Chainsaw Man?
Credit: MAPPA

Who Is Sword Man in Chainsaw Man?
Credit: MAPPA

In recent Chainsaw Man chapters, an increasingly disillusioned Denji reunites with Sword Man. But just who is Sword Man, the mysterious newcomer, and what does he want from Denji?

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When Does Sword Man First Appear?

When Does Sword Man First Appear
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Sword Man, whose real name is revealed to be Miri Sugo, first appears toward the end of the Chainsaw Man manga's Public Safety arc, as a minor antagonist.

Like Denji, Sword Man is a Hybrid, who, at some point in the past, assimilated with the Longsword Devil and can now transform at will. This is a symbiotic human-Devil relationship that does not require a contract.

Sword Man and his fellow Hybrids were controlled by Makima, the Control Devil.

After Pochita, the original Chainsaw Man, defeated him, Sword Man was finally free from Makima's brainwashing and could once again make decisions for himself.

What Happened to the Other Hybrids?

What Happened to Sword Man's Fellow Hybrids
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Credit: MAPPA

Sword Man wasn't the only victim of Makima's machinations. At least three more unnamed Hybrids were similarly brainwashed.

Their defeat at the hands of Chainsaw Man snapped them out of their conditioning.

These include the Spear Hybrid, the Whip Hybrid, and the Flamethrower Hybrid.

While they also survived, it's unclear if the other Hybrids have followed Sugo in joining the Chainsaw Man Church, but we might find out more about them soon.

In any case, being free from Makima gave them another chance at life.

What Does Sword Man Want From Denji?

What Does Sword Man Want from Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Miri Sugo, aka Sword Man, has transferred to Denji's school in order to get him to join the Chainsaw Man Church. The exact reason he wants Denji to do so remains unclear.

But from Sugo's conversation with Denji, we understand that his past actions weigh heavily on him.

Sugo specifically seeks out Denji to acknowledge his help in setting him free (not knowing that it was Pochita who did it) and joins the Chainsaw Man Church to pay homage to the one who set him free.

He's resentful of the time he spent as a tool and he's really keen to make his own decisions now.

Of course, given that the Chainsaw Man Church is a place where thousands of young people engage in risky activities for the love of Chainsaw Man, Sugo's decision to join them is a bit ironic.

There's a lot we need to learn about the Chainsaw Man Church, but they do seem quite controlling.

Therefore, Sugo's loyalty to them could be misguided, but after a lifetime of being controlled by Makima, we can't blame him.

Now that Denji has agreed to join the Chainsaw Man Church, we expect to see more of Sword Man and his motivations.

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