Who Is Stalking Lady Phoebe in You Season 4 Part 2?

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Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe in You Season 4 Part 1
Credit: Netflix
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You Season 4 Part 2 is back and we're so ready to talk about the next series of events.

Fresh from the fire that ravished their Hampsie mansion, Lady Phoebe (played by Tilly Keeper) confides to Jonathan Moore aka Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) that she suspects someone has been following her. She previously shared this hunch with her boyfriend, Adam (played by Lukas Gage), who simply brushed this off.


And as it turns out, Lady Phoebe is right. She does have a crazy stalker, whom we meet in the first episode of You Season 4 Part 2.

Be warned, dear readers: This post contains spoilers beyond this part.

Is Lady Phoebe Rhys’ Next Target?

At first, Lady Phoebe believes she is being stalked by the Eat the Rich killer. Since Joe was previously instructed by Rhys Montrose (played by Ed Speleers) to frame someone for the murders, he doesn't believe he is out to get Lady Phoebe; at least not at this time.

Earlier in the episode, Joe gets confronted by Rhys in his apartment that he wants to put an end to the murders and focus on his mayorial campaign. But Joe needs to search for someone to frame.

Just before Joe leaves for an art event hosted by Kate (played by Charlotte Ritchie), Rhys leaves a message to plant an evidence on the person he chooses to frame for the murders. And of course, the evidence is none other than the missing ear of the deceased Simon Soo (played by Aiden Cheng). Joe has to do it that night too, or else he'll be exposed as the killer.

When Joe finally manages to pick out the poor person to frame up, he has second thoughts about it. He then gets interrupted by Nadia (played by Amy Leigh Hickman), who reveals that Lady Phoebe was escorted out of the party by a "rude waitress" to speak to some police officers. However, sees the police officers from the previous episodes and notices they are scouring the party for any signs of the Eat the Rich killer. This leads Joe to be suspicious of who this waitress is.

Who Is Stalking Lady Phoebe in You Season 4 Part 2?

Meanwhile, Lady Phoebe is taken up to a room by what seemed to be a photographer from You Season 4 Part 1. At first, this character was suspected to be a paparazzi photographer who recognized Jonathan Moore as Joe Goldberg. She was also suspected of trailing Joe around, having been spotted at Rhys Montrose's earlier announcement for Mayorial candidacy.


But it turns out that this mysterious character, named Dawn, has actually been a crazed fan of Lady Phoebe. She brings a bag with her that contains a lock for the door and a chef's knife to protect Lady Phoebe from the Eat the Rich killer.

As she locks herself in the room with Lady Phoebe, she reveals that they are actually best friends. She even showed Lady Phoebe a carved tattoo on her arm since she believes Lady Phoebe has the same tattoo. But when she sees that Lady Phoebe's arm didn't have a tattoo, she removes the knife from her bag and decides to carve it there herself.

Thankfully, Nadia was able to see Lady Phoebe and Dawn exit the party in a rush and told Joe about it. Joe manages to find the locked room where Dawn kept Lady Phoebe and the two managed to convince Dawn that he is harmless.


After a few exchanges, Lady Phoebe was able to take the knife from her crazed fan and the police come barging in. They look inside Dawn's bag and finds Simon's missing ear wrapped in a dark piece of cloth and they arrest her for the murders.

It turns out that Joe managed to plant the evidence in Dawn's bag as she and Lady Phoebe were talking. And this allows Joe to find the right person to frame for the murders.

Who Plays Dawn in You Season 4 Part 2?

Dawn is played by 50-year-old actress, Alison Pargeter. This isn't the first time she played a stalker. She previously played a stalker named Sarah Caims in BBC's EastEnders.

Pargeter's other movies and shows include Mary Slessor, Rock & Chips, Outlander, and The Nevers.


In You Season 4 Part 1, Pargeter's Dawn character is revealed to have erotomania. Interestingly, Pargeter's stalker role in EastEnders was also diagnosed with the same findings and got committed to a mental institution.

Erotomania is a delusion that makes the person believe that a person they've never met is in love with him or her. Although this is the mental illness that Dawn has, she was (sadly) at the wrong place and time to be implicated with the murders. But as Joe says:

"Dawn will get psychiatric help and eventually be exonerated once I've exposed the real killer, you."

You Season 4 Part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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