Who is Ray at the End of Ahsoka Episode 1?

Who is Ray at the End of Ahsoka Episode 1?
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Who is Ray at the End of Ahsoka Episode 1?
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Ahsoka Episode 1 concludes with a dedication; "To our friend, Ray." Who is Ray in Ahsoka?

The first episode's premier must have been a bittersweet moment for Ahsoka's cast and crew, as a fellow actor died a few months prior to the show's release.

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"For Our Friend Ray;" Dedication Explained

For Our Friend Ray Dedication Explained
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka's premiere is paying tribute to actor Ray Stevenson who passed away on the 21st of May 2023, a few months before the tv show's August release.

Ray Stevenson portrayed Baylan Skoll, a former member of the Jedi order who survived Order 66 and became a mercenary.

Stevenson was a longtime Star Wars fan and this wasn't his first work in the franchise.

While Baylan Skoll is his first live-action Star Wars appearance, he had also been the voice actor for Gar Saxon in the animated tv series Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

The well-deserved tribute at the end of Episode 1 left fans emotional.

After Stevenson's death, fellow cast members, including Rosario Dawson, (Ahsoka Tano) shared emotional tributes.

Who Is Ray Stevenson's Character in Ahsoka?

Who Is Ray Stevenson's Character in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

In the New Republic, Stevenson's Baylan Skoll is a mercenary who has renounced the Jedi.

While he doesn't wield the signature red lightsaber of the Sith, favoring an unseen-before orange one instead, he does seem to have connections with the dark side.

When the character appears in Ahsoka, he's at the service of Morgan Elsbeth, a Nightsister.

Skoll and his young apprentice, Shin Hati, are helping Morgan look for Grand Admiral Thrawn and hope to support him in re-establishing the Empire.

What we've seen so far from Stevenson's Baylan Skoll is intriguing; his portrayal of the character showed his passion for Star Wars.

Skoll has the makings of a classic Star Wars villain who values power. At the same time, he shows some degree of respect for his enemies, especially if they're also Force-sensitive.

Who Is Ray Stevenson?

Who Is Ray Stevenson
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ray Stevenson was a Northern Irish actor known for both film, television, and stage productions.

Previous movie appearances include Marvel's Thor, where he portrayed Volstagg, while he also appeared as Marcus Eaton in all three Divergent movies and as Porthos in the 2011 movie The Three Musketeers.

A more recent appearance was in the critically acclaimed 2022 film RRR as the antagonist Governor Scott Buxton.

On TV shows, you might have seen Stevenson as Ohthere of Hålogaland in Vikings and as Blackbeard in Black Sails.

Ray Stevenson passed away a few months before Ahsoka came out, making Baylan Skoll one of the actor's last projects.

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