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Who Is Mieruko’s New Friend in Mieruko-Chan?

Mieruko-Chan follows Miko Yotsuya who is an ordinary high school student who has the ability to see spirits and ghosts. These creatures haunt her and the people around her. In order to prevent this from happening, she tries her best to ignore the existence of these creatures to live a normal life.

In episode five, a new character was introduced who can understand Miko’s issues. Throughout the series so far, Miko has been dealing with her ghost issues alone. She knows that people will be terrified if they find out the truth so she keeps it a secret. The said character idolizes Godmother who used to run a fortune-telling shop.

Who Is Mieruko’s New Friend in Mieruko-Chan?

Who Is Mieruko’s New Friend in Mieruko-Chan?
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Who Is Mieruko’s New Friend in Mieruko-Chan?

Yuria Niguredou is one of the main characters of Mieruko-Chan. She is a student who aspires to be a powerful medium just like Godmother. She has a small and childlike build with medium blonde hair, usually tied up in twin-tails.

She is determined, fearless, and pushy. She has a mischievous side as she aims to impress Miko with her spirit-related skills. She is devoted to Mitsue Takeda, which she claims to be her master. Just like Miko, Yuria can see spirits but more on auras. Her ability is weaker which allows her only to see weak spirits. She sees her ability as something as a blessing that helps her strive to become a good psychic. Maybe the reason is that she doesn’t see the scary and strong spirits like Miko.

Yuria calls out to confront Miko about their situation but it appeared to be the wrong timing as a terrifying ghost was within them at that time. Miko denies Yuria’s claims to avoid the ghost but Yuria continued to attract the ghosts’ attention which left Miko no choice but to help.

After their encounter, Yuria has confirmed Miko’s abilities and would most likely continue to annoy her in the future. While Yuria can be a pain in Miko’s life, this can be a great chance for the protagonist to share her experiences with someone. Now that she has someone to turn to when things get rough, Miko might appreciate having Yuria around.

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