Who Is Komi’s Crush in Komi Can’t Communicate?

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Komi Can’t Communicate centers on Shoko Komi who suffers from extreme social anxiety. Behind her absolute beauty, she stutters and paralyzes whenever someone tries to talk to her. No one knew this at first as her stoic and attractive appearance made it seem like she was an advanced class to her schoolmates.

Her popularity prevented people from talking to her which made her think that no one wanted to be her friend. Her first conversation was with Hitohito Tadano, an average-looking schoolboy who sits next to her. Through written communication, she conveyed her feelings to him, and he decided to help her overcome her communication issues by having 100 friends.

Who Is Komi’s Crush in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Who Is Komi’s Crush in Komi Can’t Communicate?
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Who Is Komi’s Crush in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Since the beginning of the series, it was emphasized that Komi trusts Tadano. After their first encounter (wherein Komi expressed her thoughts on the blackboard), the two became inseparable. Tadano is always there for Komi to support her (and most of the time, translate what Komi wants to say to her other friends).


The first to notice who Komi likes is Najimi when Komi was asking for the phone numbers of her new friends. Komi wanted Tadano to be the first one to input his so Najimi and the others wrote down their numbers on a paper. The two had more moments together but Komi’s feelings for Tadano were confirmed during the summer holiday.

Komi’s grandmother asked her if she made friends at school which she silently said yes. It was followed up with a question if Komi likes someone. Komi started shaking and before her grandmother could ask more, Komi’s phone beeped and Tadano’s name appeared. Her grandmother asked who he is and before Komi could respond, her grandmother disapproved of him.

During the summer festival, Najimi invited Tadano and Komi wherein Tadano was required to wear a yukata since Najimi knows that Komi will wear one. This once again confirms that Najimi knows Komi’s feelings for Tadano. They were joined by their other friends which led to them playing some games.

Later that night, Komi and Tadano had their alone time. Komi took this opportunity to write “when I’m with you, I enjoy our time alone as well” using a stick in the dirt but she immediately erased it before Tadano can see it. This line once again confirms her growing feelings for him.

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