Hunter x Hunter: Who Is Gon’s Mother? Everything We Know So Far

gon hunter x hunter mother mystery
Credit: P98-24 / V・N・M / Nippon Animation / Yoshihiro Togashi

gon hunter x hunter mother mystery
Credit: P98-24 / V・N・M / Nippon Animation / Yoshihiro Togashi

Throughout the series, Hunter x Hunter emphasizes that Gon’s father is Ging Freecss, who he decided to look for. The whole series mainly focused on that alone without introducing Gon’s mother.

Who is Gon’s mother? Is she a hunter too? Will she appear in the future, and will Gon accept her?

After Ging went back home to Whale Island, eight years after he left, he was bringing Gon with him. Ging’s mother and his cousin, Mito, were the ones who raised Gon since then.

Mito even got custody over Gon, basically making her the mom of the protagonist.

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Credit: P98-24 / V・N・M / Nippon Animation / Yoshihiro Togashi

Unfortunately, Gon’s mom has not been identified in the story. After Gon found out that his father was alive, after Mito told him that both of his parents were dead, his adventure began. He took the Hunter Exam and became a licensed Hunter.

During his journey, he discovered a tape where Ging explained everything to him, including his mother.

Gon didn’t listen to the tape as he considered Mito as his mom. He wanted to keep it that way and didn’t want to hurt her further, even if he already did when he decided to look for his father.

Gon’s biological mother has not been mentioned anymore in the manga or the anime.

When Ging came to Whale Island with Gon, he simply said that he and the mother separated ways. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that she is dead or alive.

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There are a lot of theories that Alicia Freecss is Gon’s mother. She was a hunter who went to the Dark Continent and died. But again, there was no official confirmation that Alicia is Gon’s mother so viewers can only speculate.

There is also no guarantee that Gon would accept her, considering that he refused to know the truth about her.

He seemed to be contented with the thought that Mito is his mother, which makes sense considering that she has custody and was the one who loved and took care of him.

If the day comes that Gon decides to look for his mother, surely, that will be another adventure.

Who do you think Gon's mother will be? Share your favorite theories in the comments!

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