Who Is Chateau’s Worst Enemy in Love of Kill?

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Who Is Chateau’s Worst Enemy in Love of Kill?

Love of Kill introduced various enemies of Chateau Dankworth and Ryang-Ha Song. A villain added to the series is no longer new to the fans but in episode 10 of Love of Kill, fans were surprised that a certain character seemed to be more than just a typical villain for Chateau. Just who is Chateau's worst enemy?

Before we delve deeper into this villain, let us have a quick recap as to what happened in episode 10. The episode showed that the two protagonists were able to escape but it does not seem that they are truly free.

Chateau started to wonder if it was right to be with Ryang-Ha Song. Her encounter with this villain made her reflect on everything that has happened to her and her family.

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Who Is Chateau’s Worst Enemy?

Who Is Chateau’s Worst Enemy in Love of Kill? Mr. Donny
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Mr. Donny is the boss of Jinon, who was introduced in Love of Kill episode 7. It was clear that he wanted Ryang-Ha but it was unclear what his plans are. Episode 7 emphasized that Mr. Donny is not the type of villain who would back out easily.

He and Ryang-Ha had a close relationship before, which was also shown through a short flashback during the 7th episode. He was the one who took care of Ryang-Ha and even helped him get to a good school.

By the time Ryang-Ha was an adult, Mr. Donny had a special mission for him. Fans believe that the mission was related to Chateau. Some have a theory that he could be the one who shot Chateau’s driver which led her into an accident.

Episode 10 revealed that the mission was to escort Lizst Noble. This proves that Mr. Donny is indeed connected to the Noble family. It also proves that the original Ryang-Ha knows the young Chateau Noble as she can remember herself being hidden inside a closet.

All of these can give viewers one answer: Mr. Donny has bad intentions for the whole Noble family. He could be the mastermind of the whole operation. The imposter Ryang-Ha wanted to free Chateau which explains why he and the original Ryang-Ha met during the said mission.


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