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Who Is Boruto’s New Rival?

Just when Boruto fans thought that Kawaki will be the only rival Boruto can have, they were mistaken as another rival appears in Boruto episode 221. The episode was entitled, “The Chunin Exams Resume”. Naruto decided to have a re-examination for those who are aspiring to become Chunin. This happened after Isshiki attacked, and the Seventh Hokage wanted to boost the morale of his shinobis.

The mysterious character is named Kaito Kawanami. He was one of the students who took part in the exam. He will start as Boruto’s friend who will try to win his heart by giving handshakes and back pats. But who is Kaito anyway, and what will his role be in the series?

Who Is Boruto’s New Rival?

Who Is Boruto’s New Rival?
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Who Is Boruto’s New Rival?

Kaito Kawanami is a genin of Konohagakure. He and his team were older than Boruto and the others as they graduated a year before the Hokage’s son. His team was assigned to overseas missions which is the reason he was just introduced now. Kaito is a laidback individual with royal blue eyes and teal-colored hair.


He has a condescending nature and is quite mischievous as seen after he stole Chocho’s potato chips and tricked Boruto to do a heavy-lifting exam for him. He does not accept aid from others and is rather proud of himself. He is an expert in insect-based techniques and can create webbing through his palms.

Kaito and his team passed the written exam easily. For the second exam, he decided to sabotage Boruto by placing a tracker on him to leverage Boruto’s effect to rescue an ally. Unfortunately, Kaito fell after he was surprised by a bear. The fall had an impact on him, giving him injuries.

Boruto discovered what happened so he decided to carry Kaito and the ally. Boruto failed to reach the time limit because of the incident but still passed after his performance. Everyone was glad that he did not abandon his ally even if it meant risking his chance to fail the exam. His heroic act reminded fans of what lesson Naruto has been doing ever since he was a child and proved once again the importance of prioritizing one’s comrades.

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