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Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

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Sasuke Uchiha is one of the popular Naruto characters. Fans of the hit anime and manga followed his journey since he was a kid from Naruto and watched him grow as a powerful shinobi in Naruto Shippuden

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we see another side of him which is his character development as a parent. In the ongoing series, Sasuke is already a father and the supporting Kage of Konoha. He also trains Boruto and helps him progress by enhancing his skills and abilities. While there are rumors speculating that Naruto will die in Boruto, fans have been wondering if Sasuke will have the same fate. Here’s what we know so far!

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto? 1
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As of this writing, Sasuke is still alive in both manga and anime. There are also no hints of this happening so fans can relax for now. What unexpectedly happened was that Sasuke lost his rinnegan. Chapters 53 and 54 surprised fans as Kurama “died” and Sasuke lost his rinnegan. 

In Chapter 53, Momoshiki was able to control Boruto and stab Sasuke’s eye with a kunai, losing all of Sasuke’s abilities related to the rinnegan. These are chakra absorption, planetary devastation, and space-time ninjutsu. 

While Sasuke kept a brave face after what happened and even told Boruto that it wasn’t his fault, fans are devastated about what happened. Losing the rinnegan does not just remove some of Sasuke’s abilities but also his God-like status. 

For now, fans have a lot of theories regarding Sasuke’s death in relation to Naruto’s death, if the Hokage will die. Some believe that Sasuke could sacrifice himself by using a forbidden jutsu to save Naruto like what Chiyo did to save Gaara’s life. Although there is no information that Sasuke could do the same jutsu, all fans can do now is speculate. 

With this, the debate continues to go on among fans of the series. What Naruto fans thought would be impossible is starting to happen in the series. Fans think that one factor could be because Naruto and Sasuke are no longer the protagonists of the story and in order to give way to the next generation, they needed to be nerfed. 

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