Who is Asha in Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer?

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With a trailer released for Season 3 of Snowpiercer features a new player in the journey of the remains of humanity’s chances of surviving beyond the train that is perpetually moving and she will be portrayed by Archie Panjabi raising some questions on who is Asha and how will she be bringing something different into the story?

Who is Asha in Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer?

Asha introduced herself in the trailer of Snowpiercer 3 and she is from a place called “New Eden” and it showed snippets of plant life. Andre Layton narrates that the work of Melanie and the cost of her sacrifice gave them a map that indicates where the world is slowly healing itself up from heating.


Considering that there are still people alive, the Earth could, little by little, start over and the place, New Eden, could be one of those places where they could do so. As Melanie went to a remote station where she mapped out where the Earth was heating up, the map is their key to finding where the Earth could repopulate.

Seven years after an attempt to cool off the world from global warming went too perfect, it left the whole world to an arctic tundra making what’s left of humanity resort to living on a train that goes around the globe at high speed. The last strand of human life resides in 1001 cars with more or less 130 cars dedicated to artificial greenhouses to grow food and provide sustenance to all passengers.

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In Season 2, the prototype train was attached to the main one while the uprising on Snowpiercer led to the wreckage of some coaches and the death of some first-class passengers and those who focus on law and order in the train. Melanie found out that her daughter actually made it and Wilford trained her to be his engineer.

Now that Asha has been introduced, there is a part of the trailer wherein Layton kisses her. Is she the new flame of Daveed Diggs’ character?

Let’s see what Asha could bring to the table on Snowpiercer Season 3

premiering on January 24, 2022.