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Who Is Armor Girl in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Viewers of Komi Can’t Communicate are aware of the fact that Komi plans to make 100 friends. This could mean that a whole bunch of interesting characters is bound to be introduced as the story progressed. One of these is Armor Girl.

In episode one, fans might notice her laughing at Agari Himiko’s self-introduction. She was also seen as one of the students categorized as freaks, weirdos, miscreants, loners, and eccentrics at the school. Some might easily remember her as the only character who wears a gauntlet of a medieval suit of armor. But who is she anyway?

Who Is Armor Girl in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Who Is Armor Girl in Komi Can’t Communicate?
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Who Is Armor Girl in Komi Can’t Communicate?

The mysterious character is named Kishi Himeko. She is part of Yamai Ren’s friends and a member of the Yamai Ren unofficial Komi fan club. She even insulted Tadano in episode two after he sat next to Komi. While she usually has small scenes with limited dialogues, fans will get to know her more in episode seven.

It was summer vacation, and Yamai decided to crash the party with her friends. Kishi was with them and it revealed that she does not have a prosthetic arm behind her gauntlet. Instead of her usual outfit, Kishi was seen wearing a casual sleeveless sweater. What is interesting is her gauntlet. Why is she wearing it in the first place, and what is its connection to her character?

Some fans believe that she might have a case of chunibyo. It is a term that explains teenagers who play fantasy scenarios. Fans have theorized that this can explain why Kishi is wearing a gauntlet, maybe she thinks that she is a knight?

While this can be a good reason to explain Kishi’s fashion sense, it does not seem that Kishi’s behavior is likened to a knight. She acts like a normal teenager, and she can remove the armor anytime she wishes to. There are also some theories that Kishi might be a warrior who is studying at the moment. For now, there is no way for fans to know the answer. Kishi’s style will be one of the many mysteries in Komi Can’t Communicate.

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