Who Does Vash End Up With in Trigun?

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Who Does Vash End Up With in Trigun?
Credit: Studio Orange
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A classic anime series comes back with a promising new touch on Yasuhiro Nightow's manga, Trigun. But in the Trigun Stampede remake, who will Vash the Stampede end up and fall in love with? Here's what we think!

Who Does Vash End Up With?

Who Does Vash End Up With in Trigun?
Credit: Studio Orange

Vash has quite a personality, and he's even known as "The Humanoid Typhoon" given the destruction that happens around him.

Despite that, girls like Vash because he's got a good heart, so it's not surprising that a lot of females have fallen in love with him.

However, Vash is not keen on opening up to a romantic relationship at all.

Unlike his love for donuts, Vash is not the type of guy who would easily enter into a relationship with someone else.

Vash is aware that whoever gets close to him would be put in danger because he attracts danger wherever he goes.

Still, if there's one character that Vash could possibly end up with, that would be Meryl Strife.

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Does Vash End Up With Meryl?

Does Vash End Up With Meryl in Trigun?
Credit: Studio Orange

Meryl may have been the first to fall in love with Vash but it is unmistakable that Vash could have feelings for her, too.

Vash is quite a troublemaker, but when he is with Meryl, he is calm, comfortable, and his true self.

He need not conceal his true self from Meryl as he is comfortable being with her. Moreover, there is a level of trust between Vash and Meryl when they are together.

It's a given that Meryl has fallen for Vash but her pull toward Vash also pushes her to be true to who she is.

Does Vash End Up With Meryl in Trigun?
Credit: Studio Orange

Meryl is known to be a hot-headed, fierce, and strong woman who can't be shaken by anything, but deep inside her hard facade is something else.

This is because Meryl is like a hard candy -- tough and compact on the outside but sweet on the inside. In truth, Meryl is very loving and caring.

In the original Trigun anime, Vash went back to Meryl and Milly after his fight against Million Knives.

While it wasn't shown whether Vash and Meryl ended up together in the original series, things may be different for Trigun Stampede.

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Where to Watch Trigun Stampede

Trigun Stampede is available to watch on Crunchyroll, in both the original Japanese version with English subtitles and in the English dubbed version.

Trigun Stampede can also be found on Hulu, depending on the availability in each region.

Meanwhile, fans in Japan can catch the anime's latest episodes on select channels such as TV Tokyo, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ, and AT-X.

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