Who Does Rudeus Greyrat Marry and End up with in Mushoku Tensei?

Who Does Rudeus Greyrat End up With in Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation?
Credit: ©Rifujin na Magonote/MF Books/"Mushoku Tensei II" Production Committee

Who Does Rudeus Greyrat End up With in Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation?
Credit: ©Rifujin na Magonote/MF Books/"Mushoku Tensei II" Production Committee

Rudeus Greyrat's love life is just as complicated as the world he is reincarnated into. But who does he end up with and marry in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation?

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for the Mushoku Tensei light novel, so proceed with caution.

How Many Wives Does Rudeus Have?

Rudeus' love life is complicated. It is so complex that it involves three women, with Rudeus adopting the polygynist approach. As such, he gets to marry the three women he dearly loves.

He courted all three women and married them as each of them had a special place in his heart.

In his past life, marriages were monogamous, but since he reincarnated in a fantasy world, Rudeus is not bound by cultural norms when it comes to marriage.

In Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, he gets to marry three women in this order: Sylphiette, Roxy, and Eris.

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Does Rudeus End up with Sara?

Rudeus and Sara met when Rudeus joined Counter Arrow. During one of Counter Arrow's missions, Sara got caught in a perilous situation.

Rudeus saved her life by quickly searching for her after receiving news from her party.

This brought them closer as they started spending more time together.

After a drunken date, she asked Rudeus to take her to his room, and they ended up having sex.

However, Rudeus experienced erectile dysfunction, making it an uncomfortable encounter.

Feeling embarrassed and angry, she hastily left, assuming she was the reason for his inability.

Due to circumstances and misunderstandings, Sara and Rudeus do not end up together as lovers in Mushoku Tensei.

Does Rudeus End up with Sylphiette?

Sylphiette and Rudeus met when he was just five. It was his first encounter with a girl outside his home.

Their relationship started as a friendship, which eventually turned into a romance, establishing the bond between Sylphiette and Rudeus.

Rudeus protected Sylphiette from bullies. They both attended the Ranoa Magic Academy as it is Sylphiette's wish to enter the school with Rudeus.

In turn, he had to work hard for their tuition fee. Their attachment to each other was so powerful that it led to Rudeus' separation from his father, Paul.

In the Ranoa Magic Academy arc, Sylphiette had to hide her true identity and disguise herself as Fitz.

Eventually, Fitz revealed her real identity and even confessed that she was madly in love with Rudeus.

Sylphiette gave Rudeus an aphrodisiac to cure his erectile dysfunction, and they became lovers since then.

Sylphiette and Rudeus settled down and married each other. She became the Goddess of Love in the religion that Rudeus created as she is a loving and understanding wife.

It is also prophesized that their children will save the world and defeat Hitogami.

Does Rudeus End up with Roxy?

Rudeus met Roxy as a traveling tutor. She was the first girl Rudeus met as she was his mentor and teacher, and she taught him to improve his mana capacity.

His parents deemed it fit for Roxy to guide Rudeus in the early stages of his life. As such, Roxy has been important in honing his magic.

Roxy also helped Rudeus overcome his fear of going to the outside world at five years old.

Roxy was there when Rudeus achieved new milestones, and she helped him grow. Because of this, Rudeus worshipped her.

Years later, Roxy and Rudeus met again after what happened in the Teleport Labyrinth.

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Rudeus was grieving as he had just lost his father figure, Paul, making him inconsolable.

The timing of Roxy's arrival was perfect, as she gave Rudeus the emotional and sexual support he needed. Later on, Rudeus married Roxy.

Given that he has a first wife, Sylphiette is jealous at first, but eventually, she becomes close to Roxy as well.

Rudeus treats Roxy as the first Goddess in his religion. She is the Goddess of Wisdom, as she is a guiding and mature wife to him.

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Does Rudeus End up with Eris?

Rudeus first met Eris when he taught her language, math, and magic. They traveled together to the Demon and Mills Continent after the Mana Calamity.

On the last day of their trip, Eris and Rudeus spent the night together. However, Rudeus found out about his erectile dysfunction, which gave him trauma.

Eventually, Eris and Rudeus parted as she wanted to focus on her training.

In the battle with Orsted, the two crossed paths again after five years and rekindled their love. In time, Eris became Rudeus' third wife.

In Rudeus' religion, Eris is the Goddess of War, the symbol of power and sex appeal in the fulfillment of his fantasy.

The light novel revealed that Eris died first due to old age. Rudeus then perished after two years.

He asked for Eris while on his deathbed, surrounded by Roxy and Sylphiette, who both said that Rudeus and Eris would be reunited in the afterlife.

In the end, it is Eris who he ends up with in the afterlife. Although he married three women, he ended up with the one he asked for on his dying day, which was Eris.

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