Who Is Ron Kamonohashi's Love Interest in Forbidden Deductions?

Who Does Ron Kamonohashi End Up With in Forbidden Deductions?
Credit: Diomedea

Who Does Ron Kamonohashi End Up With in Forbidden Deductions?
Credit: Diomedea

It’s time to meet yet another brilliant but deranged detective in Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions. The series features Ron, who often goes in different disguises to solve crimes with his trusty sidekick, police detective Totomaru Isshiki. But among the ladies in the series, who does Ron Kamonohashi end up with in Forbidden Deductions?

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Meet Ron Kamonohashi: The Genius but Deranged Detective of Forbidden Deductions!

Ron Kamonohashi is a name so popular in the records of both the police and detective forces due to his outstanding 100% case resolution rate and 0% arrest rate.

He was the number one student at Blue Detective Training Academy years ago, but due to the events of the Bloody Fieldtrip, Ron’s career unfortunately hit rock bottom.

From being a sharp and confident detective, Ron turned into a shaggy guy with a seaweed-like hairstyle. He shut people down, including those amateur detectives who wanted him to make a comeback.

He even hated the idea of solving crimes for fear that his fatal flaw would punish criminals once again.

This fatal flaw is known as Kill on Sight, and it allows Ron to pressure the criminals to kill themselves in different ways he orders them to. The fact that he can do this to any criminal scares Ron the most.

Meet Ron Kamonohashi: The Genius But Deranged Detective of Forbidden Deductions!
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Credit: Diomedea

Even if Ron’s reason for living is to solve crimes, he can’t step out of his apartment to practice his profession again.

There’s also the issue with Blue, as the academy will hunt and kill him down once they confirm that Ron is doing some activities related to solving crimes.

Everything changed when Ron opened the door for the “idiotic police officer”, Totomaru Isshiki. He took a liking to Totomaru, and since then, the two have been inseparable, resulting in Ron finally getting some action.

Unlike other police detectives, Ron has a weird way of solving cases. He could clear up the most difficult cases in a matter of minutes by treating corpses with friendliness.

In short, Ron believes that the deceased will open their hearts to him even though they’re lying still, dead, and cold in the ground.

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Ron Kamonohashi and His Love Interests in Forbidden Deductions

Does Ron Have a Love Interest?
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Credit: Diomedea

Despite the presence of multiple gorgeous and vibrant ladies in the series, Ron Kamonohashi does not have a love interest in Forbidden Deductions.

But that doesn't mean Ron didn't wow some of them with his exceptional investigation skills and abilities.

Amamiya, a gorgeous yet forceful woman, has her sights set on Ron in particular. She may have a fiery disposition, but she always softens up toward Ron.

Since the two of them met, she has appreciated and respected Ron's logical reasoning.

Amamiya also likes it when Ron maintains coolness in front of her. She even addresses Ron as Kamoo-sama, expressing her admiration for the handsome but insane detective.

So, Who Does Ron Kamonohashi End Up With in Forbidden Deductions?

As of writing, Ron Kamonohashi has yet to end up with anyone in Forbidden Deductions.

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Akira Amano’s manga series is episodic in nature, and it does not focus on the romance between the characters but rather on its main recurring theme of clearing cases from one crime scene to another.

In the meantime, we are hoping that Ron will end up with Amamiya by the end of the manga.

Ron acknowledges Amamiya’s beauty, and he understands why she has a lot of fans at her station. The two of them also have the same passion for solving crimes, so it will be interesting to see them be lovey-dovey in the end.

But don’t get your hopes up, as Amamiya also has another potential love interest in the identity of yet another brilliant detective named Omito Kawasemi.

Sure, Amamiya calls Kawasemi “Trash” all the time, but her hate towards him might just be a front to cover her true feelings for her childhood friend.

On the other hand, some fans are shipping Ron with Mofu Uzaki. Ron always visits Mofu for therapy and treatment, giving them a lot of time to get to know each other. They are both peculiar, which makes them a good couple.

There are others, particularly the BL fans who ship Ron with Totomaru. Their partnership is fun to watch, making it look like they can't do the job without each other's contributions.

Their chemistry is spot on, but unfortunately, the anime is not a BL series.

Do not expect that Ron will end up with Totomaru, but you're allowed to ship the two of them together.

They have an amazing partnership, even though, on the surface, they're just using each other to accomplish their common goal.

So, who does Ron Kamonohashi end up with in Forbidden Deductions? Will it be Amamiya, Mofu, or Totomaru? You can read the Forbidden Deductions manga to follow Ron's endeavors.

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