Who Does Nagomu End Up With in Deaimon?

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Who Does Nagomu End Up With in Deaimon?

In Deaimon, it was emphasized that Nagomu and Kanoko were past lovers. They broke up because of a misunderstanding, and it appears that there is a chance for the two of them to get back together. Will the two of them reconcile? Will Nagomu meet another woman? Who does Nagomu end up with in Deaimon?

For those who have not watched Deaimon yet, it is a slice-of-life anime that focuses on Japanese sweets.

Nagomu returns home to handle their sweets shop after finding out that his father’s health deteriorated. What surprised him was that a young girl claims that she is the rightful heir to the store.

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Who Does Nagomu End Up With in Deaimon?

Who Does Nagomu End Up With?
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As of this writing, it is hard to tell who Nagomu ends up with considering that the manga is still ongoing. But if we are going to base on what the anime has updated so far, there might be a chance for Nagomu to reunite with Kanoko.

There was previously a flashback that tells how the two have broken up, which was mainly because of a misunderstanding. Nagomu leaves Tokyo after his father got sick and didn’t tell her how much the sweetshop means to him.

He left without giving her a chance to go with him, insulting her.

When he left, she did follow him, indicating that there is still a huge chance that the two can get back together.

The break-up might be immature for viewers but their choice somehow made them better people. It was just what Nagomu needed at the time so he can focus on his own goals.

Despite still being in each other’s lives, there isn’t much progression in their relationship.

Could this mean that another person can enter Nagomu’s life and add color to it? Or are these two taking a sweet time to figure out their next move?

Do take note that Deaimon is not a romance anime, so the focus on this aspect might not be prioritized.

It is still good to know that there have been updates on Nagomu’s love life but the story will most likely focus on the sweetshop and his relationship with Itsuka.


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