Who Does Hajime End Up With in Arifureta?

Credit: Asread Whitefox

Credit: Asread Whitefox

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is a fantasy adventure anime set in the world of Tortus with a harem theme. With that, the main character, Hajime Nagumo, is surrounded by anime girls of all ages and even species! As he ventures through the land of Tortus, he encounters and attracts these girls, resulting in his very own harem even though he doesn’t recognize it. What a lucky guy!

In his harem, the girls vary in terms of age, species, and personalities. However, they have one thing in common: they are very close to Hajime!, although not everyone admits to their feelings. Perhaps, some of them just like Hajime in a friendly way. So, among these girls, who does Hajime end up with in Arifureta?

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  1. Aiko Hatayama

    Hajime Nagumo's moe teacher is Aiko, a 25-year-old homeroom professor. Despite her age, she acts like a child toward her students, including Nagumo.

    To Nagumo, she is the fertility goddess due to her passion for helping the farmers in Tortus, and the goddess of victory after defeating sixty thousand monsters during the battle with Shimizu Yukitoshi.

    In terms of her relationship with Nagumo, it is extremely on the level of student-teacher. However, there came a time when Yue became jealous after seeing Aiko sleeping on Nagumo’s shoulders.

  2. Yaegashi Shizuku

    Shizuku is one of the strongest students in the anime. She is often seen fighting with her sword together with the rest of the heroes. She is also Kaori’s best friend and the one who pushed her to come with Nagumo on his journey to conquer the labyrinths.

    To Nagumo, she is a responsible and mature student who often puts others before herself. As a gift, Nagumo gave Yaegashi a black blade made from Azantium. Later on, she thanked Nagumo privately while Yue and the rest of the harem watched in utter doubt and jealousy.

  3. Sonobe Yuuka

    Sonobe is one of the many classmates of Hajime Nagumo who doesn’t belong to the hero party. She has taken quite an interest in Hajime because he saved her life from the Great Orcus Labyrinth.

    In the midst of the battle against the 60,000 monsters summoned by Shimizu, Sonobe eagerly thanked Hajime for what he had done for her. She also realized that if Hajime can save others, she can also save them.

    With regards to her relationship with Hajime, it is only on a classmate level, so don’t expect much. However, in the light novel, Sonobe becomes Hajime's mistress.

  4. Shirasaki Kaori

    Shirasaki Kaori is Hajime Nagumo’s first love interest in the series. She is a healer who belongs to the hero party, together with Shizuku. With that, she can cast powerful healing spells to help and protect her allies from the demons and monsters of Tortus.

    Kaori promised Hajime that she would protect her at all cost, but failed to do so after Hajime fell on the 65th level of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. She even got sick after the thought of Hajime dying.

    Hajime and Kaori have known each other on a more personal level than the others. She knows Hajime’s hobbies and favorite things to do, which annoys Yue. For Kaori, Hajime is destined to be his love, for they met again after a tragic incident. Well, good luck to Kaori!

  5. Myuu

    Myuu is part of the sea-dwelling tribe that was saved by Hajime and Shia from her kidnappers. She is a cute, blue-headed girl that lights up the mood in the harem of Hajime. She also prevents the exposure of some ecchi scenes between him and his harem because of her age.

    At first, Myuu treats Hajime as her older brother, even calling him Onii-chan. However, it changed to Papa when Hajime talked her out of the Onii-chan stuff. Later on, Hajime also began treating Myuu as his cute and bubbly daughter.

  6. Tio Clarence

    Hajime and the others met Tio, a perverted and busty dragon lady whom Hajime and the others found prior to the battle against Shimizu’s 60,000 monsters. She was controlled by Shimizu and killed the comrades of Will Cudeta.

    Hajime and the others stopped Tio and defeated her with Hajime’s pole plunged into her dragon's bottom. Moving forward, Tio began to follow Hajime’s adventures after she felt a satisfying feeling from Hajime’s ruthless antics towards her.

    Tio’s fetish is basically Hajime ignoring and treating her badly whenever possible. She doesn’t care about Yue, Shia, and Kaori’s fighting for Hajime’s affection. Instead, she demands his angst and oppression.

  7. Shia Haulia

    Shia is one of the closest to Hajime among the harem. She is also Yue’s apprentice, whom she considers a good friend and companion. At first, Hajime considers Shia a worthless busty rabbit who only knows how to entangle herself with difficult situations. However, as they fought monsters side-by-side, Hajime, and even Yue, began to recognize Shia’s powerful potential.

    Hajime even gave Shia her very first weapon in the anime. Later on, he upgraded her weapon to Shia’s level and liking. In the anime, Hajime also went on a shopping date with Shia after Hajime lost a bet against her.

    Perhaps Shia’s most memorable moment is when she kissed Hajime while he was trying to give her CPR. It was also one of the funniest ecchi scenes in the anime.

  8. Yue

    Yue is Hajime’s girlfriend. They both fell in love during Hajime's adventure in the Great Orcus Labyrinth after surviving 100 of its levels. Yue is an ancient vampire princess who was betrayed and trapped inside the labyrinth. As a vampire, Yue feeds off of Hajime’s blood in order to restore her mana and manifest some of his abilities. Perhaps, Hajime relates to Yue because they experienced the same kind of betrayal.

    Most of the time, Yue is with Hajime. To Yue's liking, they even shared a bed and a bath together. For Yue, Hajime is her everything. She will follow him through the depths of heaven and hell just to be with him.

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Although the anime is still running its second season, the light novel reveals that Hajime married eight of his wives. For your information, it doesn’t include Myuu and Sonobe Yuuka. They are replaced by Liliana S.B. Heiligh and Remia. Therefore, Hajime ended up with eight wives, including Yue, Kaori, Shia, Tio, Aiko, Shizuku, Liliana, and Remia. What a lucky guy!

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