Is Arifureta Good or Worth Watching?

Arifureta Good or Worth Watching?

Arifureta Good or Worth Watching?

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest or Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, is an isekai action-adventure, fantasy anime set in the world of Tortus with a reverse-harem theme. It is based on the light novel series written by Ryo Shirakome with illustrations by Takayaki.

The anime follows 17-year old protagonist Hajime Nagumo as he gets transported together with his classmates into the world of Tortus. While everyone gets to have strong classes and fighting abilities, Hajime Nagumo’s gift is not suitable for fighting.

One day, while they were all traversing the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime Nagumo fell from the depths of the 65th level of the labyrinth after he was betrayed by his anonymous classmate. The story then continues as Hajime Nagumo fights his way for survival to go back home.

As of this writing, the Second Season of Arifureta is currently running its 12 TV episodes. To get you started on this anime, here are some of the reasons why Arifureta is Good or Worth Watching.

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Arifureta is an Isekai Anime

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Arifureta is an isekai anime. The isekai genre of anime never falls short of its show entries in every season of anime. Every now and then, we get fed up with isekai anime, especially those with live novels as source material. In this case, Arifureta is an isekai anime based on the live novel by Shirakome Ryou and illustrated by Takayaki.

What makes it stand out from other isekai anime is its plot narrative. The anime skips the generic and clichéd first episode introductions and jumps right into dark and interesting action and setting. In terms of context, the anime exploits us with flashbacks to not confuse the viewers.

While the anime starts off strong with a dark (almost bloody) and twisty setting, it develops into a lighter and funnier theme, almost parallel to the character development of the protagonist. Although generic, the plot elements like the main character’s transition from being the weakest link to becoming a gold-ranked adventurer will make you root for him.

Lastly, the anime will keep you attached to your seats due to the hanging question in its first episode as well as the plot narratives revealed. Who betrayed Hajime Nagumo? Who are the liberators of the labyrinth? How will he go back home?

Arifureta is a Harem Anime

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Just like in any isekai anime where the protagonist gets all the side characters gagging and chasing the MC, Arifureta is no exception. The main character, Hajime Nagumo, builds up his harem in more ways than one. He started attracting anime waifus the moment he became an overpowered main character.

He has Kaori Shirasaki, the first anime waifu of Hajime, who appears to show an interest and concern for his safety because she is, in fact, a healer. Then he met Yue, an ancient vampire princess from the depths of the Great Orcus Labyrinth who became his partner.

Later on, he met Shia Haulia, the busty and worthless rabbit woman, who had taken an interest in Hajime after he saved her entire clan. Moving forward, he met Tio Clarence, a perverted and masochistic dragon lady, on the way. Finally, he met Myuu, who he later considered his cute daughter.

There are also hints of interest coming from his homeroom teacher, Hatayama Aiko, his classmate Sonobe Yuuka, and Yaegashi Shizuku, who is Kaori’s best friend.

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Arifureta is a Comedy Anime

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Credit: Asread White Fox

The anime also provides some of the funniest moments, which will surely crack up a smile on your face. While Hajime Nagumo is ruthless when it comes to his enemies, he also has a funny bone when it comes to his unintentional harem, most especially to Shia and Tio.

Shia contributed a lot to the funny moments of the anime. While Shia is a carefree and fun-loving rabbit, she also makes sure that Hajime Nagumo gets a laugh from her actions, even though he often calls her a worthless rabbit. One of her funniest moments is when Hajime tries to resuscitate Shia with CPR.

Tio, on the other hand, provides her share of mature yet hilarious moments in the anime. Perhaps Tio’s funniest and most embarrassing moment is when Hajime repeatedly plows through Tio’s dragon form with his pole. Oh my God, just see it for yourself!

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Arifureta is an Ecchi Anime

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Credit: Asread White Fox

Yep, Arifureta is an ecchi anime. Do I still need to define what an ecchi anime is? Perhaps not. Arifureta is no stranger to this genre.

From Shia and Tio’s busty figures down to Yue’s exposed scenes (don’t worry, it is still safe for work, and not NSFW), Arifureta’s character designs, as well as its ecchi moments, never fail to deliver. If you’re curious about some of the ecchi scenes in the anime, you can watch the special episode of Arifureta titled "Hot Love Springs Eternal."

I hereby confirm that Arifureta is good and worth a watch if we base it off on the number of ecchi scenes in the anime.

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Is Arifureta Good or Worth Watching?

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Credit: Asread White Fox

If you enjoy isekai, ecchi, comedy, and harem anime with a fantasy and adventure theme, Arifureta is a must-see. Aside from its plot elements, the anime delivers in terms of character development, most especially the MC, and, of course, character designs, except for the CGI animation of the monsters, which is actually a pain in the eye.

If you have nothing to do and you want to watch an isekai anime, Arifureta will be a good show for you to sit through. As a matter of fact, you can watch the entire first season of the anime in just one day. Actually, I watched Arifureta in just one day with no expectations at all, but I learned to love the first season of the anime despite its flaws. Well, every anime does have flaws, after all.

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