Who Does Anzu End Up With in Romantic Killer?

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Who Does Anzu End Up With in Romantic Killer Anzu
Credit: domerica

In Romantic Killer, Anzu Hoshino's life becomes a dating simulation! Anzu, unlike other heroine-type girls, is a non-heroine who prefers video games, cats, and chocolates over her love life! With the help of the wizard Riri, who does Anzu end up with in Romantic Killer?

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Does Anzu End Up With Tsukasa?

Does Anzu End Up With Tsukasa in Romantic Killer Tsukasa
Credit: domerica

No, Anzu did not end up with Tsukasa. Despite their strong chemistry, Tsukasa is the only one who has developed feelings for her. Up to this day, Anzu has only considered Tsukasa a very good friend.

Despite claiming that he is not ready to date right now, Tsukasa couldn't resist Anzu's personality and unique charm after she unknowingly saved him from his anxiety on numerous occasions.

Anzu and Tsukasa first met in a convenience store, where Anzu inadvertently breaks Tsukasa's cell phone.

The next time they met was in the station when Anzu fell down the stairs after badgering Riri.

Does Anzu End Up With Tsukasa in Romantic Killer Tsukasa and Anzu
Credit: domerica

When the rain flooded his own apartment, Tsukasa found himself living with Anzu.

Since they began living together, Tsukasa has felt at ease and relaxed. They frequently find themselves in romantic situations as a result of Riri's magic, though this has no effect on Anzu.

Anzu and Tsukasa grew closer over time, despite many hiccups along the way.

Anzu handled everything extremely well, from Tsukasa's fans to his insane stalker, and ultimately decided not to abandon Tsukasa no matter what happened.

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Does Anzu End Up With Junta?

Does Anzu End Up With Junta in Romantic Killer Junta
Credit: domerica

No, Anzu did not end up with Junta in Romantic Killer.

Anzu initially mistook Junta for yet another ikemen (handsome guy) who had been manipulated by Riri's magic, but it turns out that Junta is Tonta, the same kid who had trailed her behind when they were children.

When Anzu discovers the truth, she realizes that Junta's feelings for her are genuine.

Despite this, Anzu did not feel awkward in front of Junta. Instead, she became more conscientious of her actions in front of Junta in order to avoid hurting his feelings, especially as she grew closer to Tsukasa.

Does Anzu End Up With Junta in Romantic Killer Junta and Anzu
Credit: domerica

Unlike Anzu's other love interests, Junta is a very kind person who is content with just spending time with Anzu.


He also becomes very shy whenever people mistake them for a couple. Despite his massive stature, Junta is a gentle soul who strives to impress Anzu and be the best man for her.

Anzu only regards Junta as a friend to this day, similar to her treatment of Tsukasa.

They live together as if they were a real family, doing things like watching horror movies, eating, and going out on occasion.

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Does Anzu End Up With Koganei?

Does Anzu End Up With Koganei in Romantic Killer Koganei
Credit: domerica

No, Anzu did not end up with Koganei in Romantic Killer for several reasons. The first is that Anzu does not like Koganei's narcissistic and egoistic personality.


Anzu cringes at Koganei's words every time he opens his mouth to speak. In fact, she prefers to hit Koganei and brush him off rather than spend time with him and go on dates.

On the contrary, Koganei believes Anzu is the world's first commoner to refuse his presence.

Does Anzu End Up With Koganei in Romantic Killer Anzu and Koganei
Credit: domerica

As a result, he tries to impress Anzu by doing what she requests. Despite his narcissistic and egoistic personality, he began to open up to people, particularly Tsuchiya.

Koganei tried his hardest to support Anzu, from working in the same convenience store as her to assisting her after she got into trouble with Kishi.

Of course, Anzu admires Koganei's change of heart in return and is relieved that he and Tsuchiya have finally become closer despite their difference in social status.

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Does Anzu End Up With Ryuya?

Does Anzu End Up With Ryuya in Romantic Killer Ryuya
Credit: domerica

No, Anzu did not end up with Ryuya. Unfortunately, Ryuya is the only one of Anzu's love interests who is far away from her and only has a remote chance of going steady with her.

Anzu, despite knowing Ryuya is a cheater, sees him as a good friend who needs to be beaten to change his ways.

After all, Anzu doesn't want to date someone who cheats on her and is untrustworthy.

Does Anzu End Up With Ryuya in Romantic Killer Anzu and Ryuya
Credit: domerica

Anzu and Ryuya are also childhood friends with Junta. Ryuya, on the other hand, uses devious methods to win Anzu's heart, including bullying Junta.


While Anzu assumed Junta avoided her, Ryuya informed Junta that Anzu had grown tired of him.

When Anzu and Ryuya met again, the latter was given a formal rejection.

Some of their friends, including Junta, overheard Ryuya's rejection and decided to console him by celebrating in the karaoke room.

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Who Does Anzu End Up With in Romantic Killer?

Anzu did not end up with anyone in Romantic Killer, despite having a plethora of potential love interests.


Even after Riri joins her pool of ikemen options, Anzu is adamant about remaining single and refusing to participate in their method of forcing people to fall in love in order to save Japan's dwindling population.

Anzu has always been obsessed with three things: video games, chocolates, and her pet cat, Momohiki.

Anzu and Riri Romantic Killer
Credit: domerica

Anzu prioritizes these three things over going out with boys or even spending time with her friends, unlike other girls.

By the end of Romantic Killer, Anzu is still a fan of cats, chocolates, and video games.

The only difference is that she became more acquainted with some of her potential love interests, particularly Tsukasa.

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