Which Is Better: Cowboy Bebop Manga or Anime?

Cowboy Bebop is a science fiction neo-noir anime series by Sunrise. The story follows a bounty hunting crew in Bebop, a spaceship in 2071. What makes Cowboy Bebop an interesting series is that it combines western and noir films with the addition of science fiction. It also talks about loneliness and adult existential ennui.

Two manga series of Cowboy Bebop was released by Kadokawa Shoten. The first manga was released in 1997 which was immediately followed by the anime that made its premiere in 1998. The series was well-loved not only in Japan but in different parts of the world. It was no longer a surprise that a live-action series was made in 2021 to transform the popular characters into life.

Which Is Better: Cowboy Bebop Manga or Anime?

Which Is Better: Cowboy Bebop Manga or Anime?
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Which Is Better: Cowboy Bebop Manga or Anime?

Now that Cowboy Bebop’s 2021 live-action series just started, there are new fans who wanted to know the other mediums they can turn to. Two of the popular platforms available are manga and anime. But which one is better?

There are two manga released for the series: Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star and Cowboy Bebop. The first manga focused on the crew of Bebop and their journey as Scorpion targeted them. The manga adaptation stayed true to how the characters were written. Though there were some redesigns, the most noticeable change is Ed showcased as a male instead of his non-binary identity, which was seen in the anime.

The second manga, that came after the anime was released, had the same tone and style as the animated series. The follow-up story focused on the relationship between the different characters. For the anime, it focused on the details of the characters as well as their pasts. Of course, one major difference is that the series is animated, unlike the manga counterpart. This version is ideal for those who prefer to watch than to read.

Both platforms stayed true to the main story. Although there are a few differences between the two, the main message of Cowboy Bebop is seen on the manga and anime. By the end of the day, whichever platform was chosen can still guarantee fans that they will end up loving the series.

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