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Where to Watch and Stream Space: 1999 Season 1 Free Online

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Space: 1999 poster
Space: 1999
Cast: Martin Landau Barbara Bain Catherine Schell Tony Anholt
Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Seasons: 3
Creator: Sylvia Anderson
Release Date: Sep 04, 1975
Rating: 7 / 10
The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

How to watch Space: 1999


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Space: 1999 Series 1 Episode Guide

  • S1 | E1 Breakaway
  • S2 | E2 Force of Life
  • S3 | E3 Collision Course
  • S4 | E4 War Games
  • S5 | E5 Death's Other Dominion
  • S6 | E6 Voyager's Return
  • S7 | E7 Alpha Child
  • S8 | E8 Dragon's Domain
  • S9 | E9 Mission of the Darians
  • S10 | E10 Black Sun
  • S11 | E11 Guardian of Piri
  • S12 | E12 End of Eternity
  • S13 | E13 Matter of Life and Death
  • S14 | E14 Earthbound
  • S15 | E15 The Full Circle
  • S16 | E16 Another Time, Another Place
  • S17 | E17 The Last Sunset
  • S18 | E18 The Infernal Machine
  • S19 | E19 Ring Around the Moon
  • S20 | E20 Missing Link
  • S21 | E21 Space Brain
  • S22 | E22 The Troubled Spirit
  • S23 | E23 The Testament of Arkadia
  • S24 | E24 The Last Enemy

Where to Watch Every Season of Space: 1999


Series 1

Season 2

Frequently Asked Questions about Space: 1999:

Is Space: 1999 still in production?

No, Space: 1999 is not in production.

When was the last episode of Space: 1999 aired?

The last episode of Space: 1999 aired on 1977-11-12.

When did Space: 1999 first air?

Space: 1999 first aired on 1975-09-04.

How many seasons does Space: 1999 have?

Space: 1999 has 2 seasons.

How many episodes does Space: 1999 have?

Space: 1999 has 48 episodes.

How long are Space: 1999 episodes?

Space: 1999 episodes are between 50 and 60 minutes long.

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