Where to Watch and Stream Pulp Fiction Free Online

Where is the best place to watch and stream Pulp Fiction? We've compiled an updated list of streaming services that currently have Pulp Fiction available to watch!

Watch Pulp Fiction Free Online

  • Pulp Fiction is currently available to stream on Hulu.
  • You can also rent or buy Pulp Fiction on YouTube Movies or Amazon Prime Video.

Pulp Fiction (1994), starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, and others, is one of those movies you have to see at least once. Containing entwined narratives told out of chronological order, it tells the story of Vincent Vega, a hitman, his partner, Jules Winnfield, Butch Coolidge, a prizefighter, and Mia Wallace, a gangster's wife, among others.

Pulp Fiction is arguably one of the most iconic and influential films of the 1990s, due to its dark humor, neo-noir and post-modern inspiration, and innovative storytelling. Here's how you can watch or rewatch it:

Is Pulp Fiction on Netflix?

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At the time of writing, Pulp Fiction is not on Netflix. However, the streaming platform used to have Pulp Fiction in its movie library and you can opt to get a reminder for when it becomes available, meaning that it could, at some point, come back. On Netflix, you can stream V for Vendetta.

A Netflix account starts from $5.99.

Is Pulp Fiction on Hulu?

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Pulp Fiction is available on Hulu if you have the SHOWTIME® extension. Also on Hulu, you can watch Brokeback Mountain and Sense and Sensibility. If you fancy something shorter, Hulu also has some of the best anime to watch. A Hulu membership starts at as low as $6.99 per month. The SHOWTIME®costs an additional $10.99 per month.

Is Pulp Fiction on Disney Plus?

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At the time of writing Pulp Fiction is not on Disney+ and its very violent imagery suggests that the movie isn't what you would normally expect to find on the streaming platform.

The current monthly price for a Disney+ account is $7.99.

Is Pulp Fiction on Amazon Prime Video?

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Amazon Prime Video does have Pulp Fiction in its library, though, at the time of writing, it isn't part of a subscription plan. You can rent the film for around $4.69, or £3.49. This goes up a bit if you want to buy the film and watch it anytime.

Is Pulp Fiction on HBO Max?

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At the time of writing Pulp Fiction is not on HBO Max. If you fancy a Tarantino movie, however, on HBO Max you can stream Kill Bill, instead.

HBO is a bit more expensive compared to other platforms, starting at $14.99 per month, and viewers can unlock more films and shows through additional premium plans.

Is Pulp Fiction on Peacock?

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Pulp Fiction is not isn't available to watch on Peacock at the time of writing. On Peacock, you can stream The Hunger Games.

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Is Pulp Fiction on Paramount Plus?

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Pulp Fiction is not isn't available to watch on Paramount Plus. On this streaming platform, there are Paramount Pictures movies such as Pretty in Pink to watch.

Is Pulp Fiction on YouTube Movies?

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Yes, you can rent Pulp Fiction through YouTube, starting from around $3.50 or £2.49.

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