When Will Paramount Plus Come Out in the UK?

Credit: Paramount Plus

Credit: Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is an American-founded streaming platform that was first launched on March 2021, joining a long list of subscription video-on-demand services – the predominant way of watching tv series and films nowadays. As is the case with many brand-new services that are currently US-based, tv viewers worldwide might be wondering when Paramount+ is coming out in the UK and elsewhere.

Like Peacock, another relatively recent US streaming service that will be coming in Europe and the UK soon, Paramount+ offers a combination of originals and long-time favorites. This, after all, is the best way to make such a platform attractive and convince viewers that they need it, during a time when there are so many – it's not just Netflix anymore!

Of course, Paramount+ didn't start exactly from scratch. You might have heard of it before as CBS All Access, but after the re-merger of CBS and Viacom, it was rebranded and launched anew, as Paramount+. In its library, you can find content from all-time favorites such as Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, and others. And, of course, content from the Paramount Network and the Paramount Pictures movies couldn't be missing.

To make things a little more tangible, Paramount+ is a great place to watch the well-received horror films A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2. Other great films include The Wolf of Wall Street, Trainspotting, and The Spongebob Movie. Moreover, the streaming service offers classic films including but not limited to Sunset Boulevard.

TV-wise, Paramount+ is good for 90s favorites such as Rugrats as well as documentaries such as The Animal Rescue Show.

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If you're based in the UK, and you like a Paramount Plus+ account, we have good news: Sky and ViacomCBS have partnered to make Paramount available in the UK! The expected UK launch for Paramount+ will be sometime in 2022.

Once again, this exciting addition will be available to Sky subscribers. Viewers in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, and Italy will be able to access all Paramount+ content with no extra charge if they have opted for the Sky Cinema option. Other Sky customers will still be able to access Paramount+ as an add-on.

Watch this space, as we'll update with more information when the exact Paramount+ launch date in the UK and Europe becomes known.

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