Where to Download MTG Arena Mobile App for Android Devices and Phones from the Google Play Store

The MTG Arena Mobile App is live in the Google Play Store! This means you can now play MTG Arena on your Android devices! The mobile version of the game will be full-featured and allow players to have a similar experience to playing MTG Arena on PC or Mac. Watch the launch trailer below:

To download MTG Arena, navigate to the Google Play Store app on your mobile device. You can also navigate to it via browser at https://play.google.com/

Once you have the app open, search for "Magic: The Gathering Arena (Early Access). You should see the below:

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Click on the Magic icon (the one the red arrow is pointing to above) to continue:

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From here, click install to install the app on your device. Then you are ready to begin playing MTG Arena on your Android device! Alternatively, click here to download the app directly from the Google Play Store.

The Magic: The Gathering Arena Early Access App is the official game app from Wizards of the Coast. It offers in-app purchases, but the game can be played for free.

Do I need to make a new account to play on the MTG Arena Mobile App?

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No, you do not. You can play on the MTG Arena Mobile App using the same account you use for PC or Mac. You will have access to all of your cards and decks.

According to the Youtube mobile app launch video, you will be able to play across devices, draft, have expanded game modes, play in ranked seasons, challenge your friends, play on the go, and more on the mobile app and unlock everything.

Additional details from the Google Play Store are as follows:

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You know the name. Now download and play the original strategy card game on your phone. Unlock powerful decks right away, earn rewards just by playing, and jump into action with a variety of game formats for players of all skill levels. There's never been a better time to get into Magic.

New to Magic? No problem. Play the tutorial and practice against AI to learn the basics. Queue into casual matches to sharpen your skills at your own pace.

Unlock 15 unique decks and discover your own playstyle. Collect daily rewards to grow your collection and build powerful decks of your own.

Tell a story with your deck through Magic's immersive lore and vibrant card art. Show off eye-popping cosmetics like avatars, card sleeves, and pets.

Try out multiple game modes like Draft and Brawl. Special in-game events offer exciting prizes, and you could even be the next Magic pro with Esports qualifiers!"

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The MTG Arena App is also great for new players who have never played Magic: The Gathering before. The mobile version includes a full-featured tutorial that will walk you through the basics so you can learn the game easily.

You may also be interested in the upcoming Magic: Legends video game releasing in open beta from Cryptic Studios this March. Sign up information is available here.

Are you excited to play MTG Arena on your Android phone? Leave us a comment below!

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