Magic: Legends Development Video Reveals Equipment Rewards, New Features and More Gameplay Footage & Changes

Magic: Legends, the ARPG set in the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering, is coming this year with the open beta for the game releasing this March. Today, Cryptic Studios has released a new State of Development video in which Magic: Legends Executive Producer Steve Ricossa shares an update about the development of the game, and thanks the community of nearly 100,000 testers for taking the time to play, participate and perform discussions, and submit survey responses.

In addition, Ricossa reveals that based on player feedback, they decided to implement a full equipment system to Magic: Legends, and revealed our first look at how it appears in the game. Players can collect and upgrade equipment in addition to other rewards, and he promises that more details will be revealed soon.

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Credit: Cryptic Studios

Ricossa also revealed other changes: classes level almost 50% more quickly, reward drops have increased acrossed the board, soothing out on-board experience, and doubling down on integrations. In addition to polishing the game and fixing the bugs, other new features added based on player feedback include per-region reputation system that rewards cosmetics, planeswalker progression system, additional difficulty mode, mythic and legendary encounters, and more spells and artifacts added to the game.

It looks like Cryptic Studios is working hard to give us the best possible ARPG for Magic: The Gathering fans and RPG players.

Finally, Ricossa announces that the open beta for Magic: Legends will be available in March this year, and you can sign up now at

Earlier today, Cryptic Studios released a new Magic: Legends trailer that reveals the deck building mechanics of the game.

You can watch our reaction video here:

The official description of Magic: Legends reads:

An ancient force moves in the darkness, requiring adventurers to traverse various planes of the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse and gather the power needed to fight this evil. Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment, players will choose their path through the planes while collecting and upgrading a multitude of spells to create a powerful spell library. Players control the chaos of spell-slinging combat as they fight to save the Multiverse from its greatest threats yet

Magic: Legends will be available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this year. Open Beta begins in March 2021.

If you're planning to play Magic: Legends, we invite you to join our Magic: Legends Facebook group here.

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