X-Men, Fantastic Four Films NOT Happening Even After Disney/Fox Merger

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Well, fans shouldn't get their hopes up for the movies to come out anytime soon, as a report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that we won't be seeing an X-Men or Fantastic Four MCU film until 2021. Apparently, Feige has already planned a good amount of the phase four movies and there's a good chance that we won't be seeing these characters anytime soon, outside of a quick cameo or two.

Also, Fox is still releasing X-Men: Dark Phoenix this June, which will likely be the finale to Fox's time with these characters. It looks like the series is ending with a whimper if the recent reports regarding the movie and reshoots are anything to go by. The fact that Simon Kinberg willingly spoiled Mystique's death kind of shows that they just want this over and done with.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes out on June 6, 2019.

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