When Will Young Justice Season 5 Arrive on HBO Max?

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Young Justice Season 3 Nightwing investigates the meta-human trafficking
Credit: DC

Without a doubt, Young Justice is one of the most successful animated shows on TV. And now that Young Justice Season 4 has closed, many can't help but wonder if the show is coming back for a fifth season.

Originally, the show was produced for Cartoon Network as a way of targeting young boys. Instead, it attracted teenagers and avid comic readers that quickly led to its continued success. When the show was canceled after two seasons, this unexpected audience did the best they could to bring back the show.

Thankfully, the show was revived by the DC Universe streaming service. The fourth season aired on HBO Max and ended on June 9, 2022.

With its history, it's no surprise why fans are keen to know if the show will be back for another season. This is something we'd also like to know so we dug deeper… and here's what you need to know about Young Justice Season 5.

Has Young Justice Season 5 Been Renewed?

Young Justice Season 3 Miss Martian and team investigate
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Credit: DC

Upon this writing, it is still unclear whether Young Justice has been renewed for a fifth season. But if it were up to the showrunners, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, there's certainly a lot more to look forward to for the animated superhero series. Not to mention, the finale of Young Justice Season 4 sets up the stage for potential storylines so this is something that can easily be worked on.

The question now is whether Young Justice Season 5 has been ordered. On Twitter, Weisman answered a fan who asked about a renewal: "the first question is 'if' not 'when.'"

The tweet encouraged the avid fanbase of the series to make the show viral on social media so that HBO Max will take notice and renew it for a fifth season. But so far, we've got no word on whether or not this is a possibility.

Given the positive reception of Young Justice Season 4, it's surprising why we haven't gotten word of a renewal already. The show has maintained its popularity throughout this time so it's something that fans have to wait for.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Young Justice has been cancelled. Even though the show performed well, it was part of the TV shows and movies that Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled for HBO Max.

Possible Young Justice Season 5 Release Date

Young Justice Season 3 The League riding vehicle Superman pointing
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Credit: DC

If indeed the show gets ordered for a fifth season, the soonest that audiences might be able to see Young Justice return is in the Fall of 2024. It's important to remember that this is an animated series that will likely take time to create. Taking into consideration that Young Justice Season 4 took slightly over two years to complete, this is a somewhat consecutive estimate of production work that goes into creating the animated series.

But, of course, this is under the presumption that HBO Max orders Young Justice Season 5 to return. And again, if this is what HBO Max has plans to work on in the future. If there are new network changes that will take place, the estimated time could change drastically.

Here's to hoping the show gets renewed! In the meantime, check out this crash course to Young Justice Season 3 released by DC:

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