When Does Episode 5 of Netflix's Don't Hate the Player Come Out?

Don't Hate the Player
Credit: Netflix

Don't Hate the Player
Credit: Netflix

Claude Dartois is the host of a new game competition reality series on Netflix, Don't Hate the Player. The first season of the highly-anticipated series is set to premiere on April 17 and consists of nine episodes.

However, the streamer is known for a somewhat staggered release schedule, making viewers wonder when exactly Don't Hate the Player's episode 5 will be released. Well, we have an answer prepared, and before you conclude all the drama available, you will know the answer to your burning question.

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Don't Hate the Player Episode 5 Release Date

Don't Hate the Player Host Claude Dartois
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Don't Hate the Player Host Claude Dartois

The premise of Netflix's new reality competition show promises a lot of entertainment. Starting from nothing, 13 contestants are stranded on a beautiful island in Netflix's Don't Hate the Player. The series throws these contestants into a competition for a prize of 150,000 euros. You will be able to watch as these players form alliances, and relationships, break trust, overcoming physical and mental challenges to earn a place in a luxurious beachfront villa alongside the money prize.

Now, the drama will unfold throughout nine episodes and the list is as follows:

  • Episode 1: Welcome to Hell
  • Episode 2: Clan vs. Clan
  • Episode 3: The Duel Is On
  • Episode 4: New Players, New Headaches
  • Episode 5: A Promise Is a Promise
  • Episode 6: Clean Sweep
  • Episode 7: Every Man For Himself…
  • Episode 8: …And God for All
  • Episode 9: The Grand Finale

What you need to know is that episodes one through four will be available on the premiere date, 17th April. However, you will need to wait for episode 5 of Don't Hate the Player on Netflix.

While there is a certain amount of time before the next episode of the reality show comes out, the wait won't be a long one. Don't Hate the Player episode 5 will premiere on 24 April, alongside the next episode in line, entitled Clean Sweep.

The official synopsis for the series reads:

One day you’re poolside sipping cocktails. The next, you’re batting off bugs. Anything can change and no one is safe in this fierce fight for survival.”

So, after binge-watching four episodes that are available today, all you need to do is mark your calendar a week from now for the premiere of episode 5 of Don't Hate the Player on Netflix.

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