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What is Vision made of? Vibranium, The Most Powerful Metal in the MCU

Vision's name has been all over the news as he is strangely alive in the limited series of WandaVision. With Vision coming back to the MCU, it opens a pandora's box of questions like how is he alive, or is Vision Jarvis, or what is he made of? Well, Vision is a complex thing in the universe. He is part-human, part-computer to start of but he is made with metal so string, one would wonder, how is he instantaneously dead when Thanos killed him? Vision is made of a synthetic body with a combination of organic tissues and vibranium, the strongest metal to date in the MCU, the one which Wakanda has been gifted with to make powerful weapons.

Vision Vibranium
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Vibranium, as told in Black Panther, is the rarest metal on Earth as it is from a meteorite that fell from outer space into the African region of Wakanda. It is said to be stronger than steel and weighs only a third of it, completely absorbent of vibration. Wakanda had to pose as a third world country in order to protect the limited source of vibranium from guys like Ulysses Klaue who stole billions of dollars' worth of vibranium which Klaue then sold to Ultron in an attempt to eradicate humanity. Part of Ulton's plan is to create Vision as his superweapon but because of the intervention of the Avengers and the influence of the Mind Stone, the Vision that we know today was born.


What powers his whole body is the mind stone which kills his whole system when removed from his forehead, but that doesn't mean the end of him. As explained by Shuri, sister of T'Challa, in Avengers: Endgame, the Mind Stone could be separated from Vision and spare his life from imminent death by connecting his synapses. Had Shuri had enough time to do the process, Vision could have been alive and well until now.

In the recent episode of WandaVision, it was shown that Vision has a machine running inside of him which makes him unable to eat, a clear showing of the vibranium inside of him.

WandaVision, a weekly series that is canon and opens the fourth phase of the MCU, has yet to explain why the events in Westview are happening. Happening after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the series has yet to reveal the main villain of the story giving only hints of who could it possibly be. Going from the black and white theme in the previous episodes to technicolor, WandaVision sure has a lot in store for the whole series having nine episodes in total.

WandaVision returns to screen, now in technicolor, on Friday, January 22, 2021, via Disney+.

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