What is The Thread in The Acolyte? Star Wars' New Force Philosophy Explained

the thread the acolyte mother aniseya
Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

the thread the acolyte mother aniseya
Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

The Thread is possibly the most interesting reveal in The Acolyte’s latest episode, and from how it was described, it’s essentially a unique philosophy on the Force.

As such, it’s no surprise that the followers of this Thread belief have the Jedi on their tails. While details about this philosophy haven’t been explored, Mother Aniseya’s explanation gives us quite a bit of insight.

What’s more, the episode’s reveal about the coven has some fans thinking about potential connections to another similar group of Force users – the Nightsisters.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for The Acolyte, so proceed with caution.

The Thread Explained: The Acolyte’s Intriguing Force Philosophy

The Acolyte’s first two episodes left Star Wars fans with a lot of questions, and with the third episode, answers to some of them were revealed.

That’s because the show’s latest episode is a flashback to 16 years ago when Osha and Mae were still kids who are living in a witches' coven.

In this episode, it was revealed that Osha and Mae were the only children in the coven, and they were about to undergo the Ascension, a ritual that seemed to confer power to them derived from the Force.

That’s not what the coven calls the Force though. Instead, they refer to it as a Thread that binds everyone. From Mother Aniseya’s explanation, the coven believes that the thread can be strengthened through unity.

As the Thread is basically the Force, it’s no surprise that the Jedi like Master Sol are on the lookout for them, with their goal being to make Osha and Mae Padawans.

It’s not clear if the Thread exists on the dark side of the Force, but the Jedi seem to think so. Plus, this interpretation is in line with the similar philosophy of the Nightsisters.

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Exploring the Coven’s Connection to the Nightsisters

The Nightsisters is another coven of witches hailing from Dathomir. This coven similarly dislikes Jedi, and they practice magick which is a dark side sorcery.

Among the notable Nightsisters in Star Wars canon include popular characters like Asajj Ventress and Morgan Eslbeth.

While The Acolyte’s coven is reminiscent of the Nightsisters, they don’t seem to share much in the way of their culture and practices, aside from the fact that they’re both covens and that they use the Force.

In fact, Aniseya may have more relation to Darth Plagueis given how she was seemingly able to create Osha and Mae.

For now, there are still many mysteries regarding the coven, the Jedi, and Mae. Fans will need to wait until more episodes are released before finding out the answer to all the remaining questions.

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