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What Is One Piece’s Most Underrated Battle?

We have to admit that One Piece has a lot of intense and amazing battles. With more than 1,000 episodes, each viewer has their own set of favorite battles and those they wish to see again. Since there are a lot of fight scenes to choose from, there are some brawls that were forgotten and not liked by fans.

We each have our own standards and preferences but we believe that we can agree that this certain fight was underrated mainly because it was comprised of two side characters and a villain. From the choice of characters, fans can get an idea why it was underrated. Let us not forget that the villain was mysteriously gone after this arc which adds factor to why no one seemed to remember it much.

What Is One Piece’s Most Underrated Battle?

 What Is One Piece’s Most Underrated Battle?
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What Is One Piece’s Most Underrated Battle?

The underrated fight was between Vice-Admiral Smoker and Trafalgar Law versus Vice-Admiral Vergo. The fight happened on the Punk Hazard arc. The said arc was known as a setup to prepare Dressrosa arc. The setup alone made the whole arc unforgettable, not just the fight scene.

We have to take into consideration that Law and Smoker are favorites of viewers and that Vergo is one of the strongest villains of the series. The battle was so intense that it showcased the skills of these characters, especially Law and Smoker. Both side characters have grown throughout the series which is interesting to see, if people actually watched the said fight scene.

This has not been the case as the viewers focused on new characters who were introduced as the series progressed. Aside from those, the tandem of Law and Smoker proved how strong they can be together. Law used his ability to control space while Smoker did his skills to overwhelm Vergo. The two of them got the advantage and tricked Vergo by using various attacks.

It is truly disappointing that it did not get the same hype as other battle scenes but like we said, each viewer has his or her own preference. It could be that the arc was overlooked or the characters chosen in this scene were not that eye-catching for the viewers.

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