One Piece Chapter 1,035 RELEASE DATE and TIME, SPOILERS

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The fight between Sanji and Queen continues! While they may be slowly running out of energy, neither one is backing down. In the latest chapter of One Piece, Sanji and Queen each reveal another round of leveled-up techniques. On the other hand, Momonosuke has somehow figured out how to prevent Onigashima from crashing into Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1,034 Recap

Queen in the Wano arc of One Piece.
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Credit: Toei Animation

In the midst of the battle, Osome is looking for her pet, Chuji. Meanwhile, Momonosuke has figured out a temporary solution — if he can't make a lot of Flame Clouds, at least he can pull Kaido's and prevent the island from crashing. Sanji and Queen continue to fight. Queen's attacks remind Sanji of his siblings' abilities for some reason. Queen reveals that he initially acted clueless about Germa science, but he actually knows everything about it. It turns out that he wanted to defeat Sanji while he was in his Raid Suit to prove that his technology is far more superior to Vinsmoke Judge's.

Sanji gets caught in Queen's arm, but he manages to escape by kicking it off. Sanji is getting pissed since he doesn't like Queen talking about the Vinsmoke family in front of him. Sanji points out that since they've been fighting for a while now, they're getting weaker. Queen then uses the Stealth Black technique, but Sanji counters it by moving with superspeed. Osome enters the room and sees Chuji. Queen sees her and attempts to attack her out of spite for continuously rejecting his summons. However, Sanji stops him with a leveled-up kick. Sanji then realizes that it was probably Queen who hit Osome.

One Piece Chapter 1,035 Release Date

Momonosuke in the Wano arc of One Piece.
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Credit: Toei Animation

Chapter 1,035 of One Piece will be out on Sunday, December 19, 2021. The chapter was supposed to be out this Sunday, December 12, but it has been delayed. The series is available to read on Viz and Manga Plus.

One Piece Chapter 1,035 Release Time

Orochi in the Wano arc of One Piece.
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Credit: Toei Animation

Chapter 1,035 of One Piece will be out in Japan at 12 AM JST on Monday, December 20. Depending on your timezone, the chapter should be out on Sunday, December 19, according to the following schedule:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM PT
  • Central Time: 10 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM ET
  • British Time: 3 PM GMT

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One Piece Chapter 1,035 Spoilers, Summary

Sanji in the Wano arc of One Piece.
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Credit: Toei Animation

Sanji finally defeats Queen. The chapter then focuses on the continuation of the fight between Zoro and King. Zoro notices that King's defense is weaker when the flame on his back disappears. King's face is also revealed, showing notable characteristics of the Lunarians — gray hair, black wings, and a brown complexion. The government will pay anyone 100 million Berries if someone tells them about someone who has these characteristics. Zoro uses new attacks on King. The chapter also shows how King and Kaido first met in a government research facility.

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