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What Is Nobara’s Domain Expansion?

In Jujutsu Kaisen, a domain expansion is a barrier technique that comes from Innate Domain. The purpose of the advanced technique is to trap the target using a barrier wall, making a separate space. Inside the barrier, the cursed energy of the user is improved and the target cannot avoid it.

Since it is an advanced technique, domain expansion is considered a supreme ability. The reason for this is that manifesting a domain would require a lot of power and to fully erect the barrier would require more. Not all jujutsu sorcerers can do this, even the high-ranking sorcerers. In the series, fans have witnessed Megumi, Gojo, and other characters use the domain expansion during battle. What is Nobara’s domain expansion?

What Is Nobara’s Domain Expansion?

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Nobara Kugisaka is a grade 3 sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is also the tritagonist of the story and teamed with Yuji and Megumi which is why a lot of fans have been curious about her abilities and skills. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of her domain expansion. Fans will have to wait for her big moment just like what happened to Megumi in the series.


For now, the story unraveled some of her abilities and skills like having high reserves of cursed energy. She has proven to be an expert in manipulating her energy. Her primary weapon is a metal hammer with heart decoration. The nails of the hammer are imbued with her cursed energy.

Her Straw Doll Technique allows her to utilize jujutsu using her hammer, nails, and a straw doll, as the name indicates. In this technique, she can do damage to her opponent using the straw doll. Another ability is the Resonance in which she uses the straw doll as an effigy. She gets a severed body part of the enemy to create a link between the enemy and the doll. Once connected, she can do critical damages through large black spikes to the body of the target.

Another technique she uses is the Hairpin. This ability lets her imbue nails that can erupt. The nails expand until they detonate. Nobara can also do Black Flash wherein she can create a spatial distortion once she connects with an impact of cursed energy. The energy will turn into a flash black.

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