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What Is Huguruma’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Hiromi Higuruma is a public defense lawyer who chooses to protect those who are wrongfully accused, even if the cases can be extremely difficult. He is one of the participants of the Culling Game, and he seemed to be good at it considering he is one of the few players who has 100 points. The man who has an average build and height makes sure his short hair is well-kept.

He gives off a vibe of an overworked lawyer add the fact that he is aloof and detached. He has this idea that he cannot leave things alone especially when the situation isn’t right. What his co-workers do not know is that he can manipulate cursed energy just like the jujutsu sorcerers. What is his power, and how strong is he? Let’s find out!

What Is Huguruma’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen?

What Is Huguruma’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen?
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What Is Huguruma’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Huguruma was not born as a sorcerer but his abilities appeared when he was marked by Kenjaku to be a participant in the Culling Game. Kenjaku activated the Idle Transfiguration, and this had an impact on Hiromi’s brain. The incident allowed him to use cursed techniques. Unlike other Culling Game participants, Hiromi’s level of cursed energy gave him an advantage.

He does not only have a huge amount of cursed energy but he can actually use Domain Expansion at his will. Huguruma has a shikigami named Judgeman. The creature has a black body with three stubbed points that serve as an arm and leg.

His barrier technique is called Deadly Sentencing which is related to his Domain Expansion. It is a small courtroom domain that is surrounded by guillotines. He and his opponent will be placed on different podiums that would allow them to stand in front of each other. Everyone in the domain must follow the rules.

Judgeman will float behind Hiromi with the role of prosecution. The opponent, on the other hand, will be the defendant. Judgeman knows everything about everyone inside the domain but Hiromi does not. Judgeman will provide a piece of evidence that will be used for deliberation and the trial will proceed with the defendant proving his or her innocence. The opponent has three options once the case has started: silence, confession, and denial.

Hiromi and the opponent will provide arguments based on the evidence. Once Judgeman finds the opponent guilty, it can confiscate its ability to use cursed energy.

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