What If...? Star Reportedly Returning in Upcoming MCU Project This Year

What If...?
Credit: Marvel Studios

What If...?
Credit: Marvel Studios

The animated series What If...? marked the debut of Uati the Watcher's MCU debut with award-winning actor Jeffrey Wright lending his voice to the role. However, the status of the second season remains unknown as Marvel Studios has not announced yet when it will premiere.

Some fans have also been curious whether The Watcher will also appear in other MCU projects since the character is a notable figure within the multiverse which is the focus of the franchise's current saga.

Now, a new report has emerged surrounding The Watcher's MCU future and it sounds like we might see him again sooner than we thought.

Jeffrey Wright Will Return as The Watcher Later This Year According to Report

What If...?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

According to a recent report from The Cosmic Circus, Jeffrey Wright is set to return as Uatu the Watcher in an upcoming MCU project that will release later this year. It is unknown yet if he will appear in animated form again or live-action.

There are also no details yet on what exact project will the character appear in. The remaining MCU projects that are set to release this year are Loki season 2, The Marvels, and Echo.

Wright's alleged upcoming MCU appearance this year will mark the first time that he'll appear in another project outside the animated series.

We do have to take note that Marvel Studios has not confirmed this report yet so we still have to take it with a grain of salt, but the outlet has a decent track record on their past scoops.

This is certainly interesting news about The Watcher's future MCU appearances since it looks like he might be doing more interferences outside his usual duty of watching the multiverse.

If we can make a guess, the most likely project that he'll appear in this year is the second season of Loki since the series also deals with the multiverse and there's a logical story explanation to include him in the series without just simply being a cameo.

For now, let's wait and see for more news and updates regarding Wright's MCU future as well as whether they will finally announce the premiere of the long-gestated second season of What If...?

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The first season of What If...? is available to stream on Disney+.

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