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What Happened to Shisui in The Apothecary Diaries? Exploring Her Fate

what happened to shisui apothecary diaries
Credit: OLM, TOHO Animation Studio

The Apothecary Diaries anime may have explained one major mystery, but there are still a lot of things fans want to know. Among these is what happened to Shisui in The Apothecary Diaries.

Aside from wanting to know her fate, some first want to know who exactly Shisui is. After all, there’s no straightforward answer given how two characters have been referred to as Shisui at one point or another.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for The Apothecary Diaries light novel series, so proceed with caution.

Who Is Shisui in The Apothecary Diaries?

When talking about Shisui, most Apothecary Diaries manga or light novel readers will likely think of Loulan, the current Pure Consort in the anime who replaced Ah-Duo.

In the anime’s events, Loulan has only appeared a few times, but as the story progresses, she disguises herself as the palace maid Shisui at certain points to talk with Maomao and Xiaolan.

It’s not clear if the anime will reach this point in the story given its current pace. For reference, Loulan first appears as Shisui in the manga’s 42nd chapter.

apothecary diaries suirei
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Credit: OLM, TOHO Animation Studio

Aside from Loulan, the court lady Suirei is also named Shisui. The anime’s 18th episode features Suirei as she talks with Maomao on the Outer Court grounds.

Unlike Loulan who uses the name as an alter ego, Suirei’s actual birth name is Shisui. It’s revealed in the light novel and manga stories that Suirei is Loulan’s half-sister.

Suirei takes on another name so as not to get Loulan shamed for not getting the Shi name from their father.

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What Happened to Shisui in The Apothecary Diaries?

apothecary diaries shisui loulan
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Credit: OLM, TOHO Animation Studio

As for what happens to Shisui, it is first important to understand that many Apothecary Diaries fans are referring to Loulan.

In an upcoming arc, Loulan will play a big role in a rebellion against the kingdom’s current ruler. The rebellion won’t succeed though.

Because of this, Shisui or Loulan fakes her death and flees to another country under a new name. Since this happened, she has not resurfaced again to play a big role in the events that follow.

apothecary diaries loulan
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Credit: OLM, TOHO Animation Studio

It is believed that Shisui fled to Japan, or at least, the story’s equivalent of Japan. After all, while the series is heavily inspired by Ancient China, it’s not called China in the story.

The Apothecary Diaries anime will continue with another episode next week, though these events in the light novel series likely won’t be covered in the first season as there are not enough episodes to do so.

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