What Happened to Naruto After Kurama Died?

Naruto fans were surprised by the unexpected death of Kurama in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Those who have joined Naruto in his journey are aware of how close the two of them are. Kurama has been with Naruto since he was a baby and the two have an unbreakable bond. Fans could not believe that after Naruto lost his parents and his master Jiraiya, he would lose Kurama too.

Before Chapter 55, there were rumors going around that Naruto could die in the following chapters. Everyone was misled because of this and the death of Kurama truly shocked everyone. Fans are now wondering what happened to the Seventh Hokage after the Nine-Tails died?


What Happened to Naruto After Kurama Died?

What Happened to Naruto After Kurama Died? 1
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Before we jump into that, let us first discuss how Kurama died. Before Chapter 55, Naruto and Sasuke were against Otsutsuki and Isshiki. Kurama suggested using the Baryon Mode which requires smashing Naruto and Kurama’s charka to create new energy.

This new mode will inflict a poisonous hit on the opponent that can reduce the life of Isshiki. What Naruto didn’t know is that once Kurama’s chakra is replenished, the Tailed Beast will die. Kurama did not tell the current Hokage this which convinced Naruto that this is the only way to defeat the enemy. After Kurama’s chakra was used, he died.

The two of them had a talk in Naruto’s subconscious mind wherein Kurama bid farewell. Naruto started the talk by saying that the two of them have been through a lot starting with his parents’ death. He thanked the Tailed Beast for being with him all those years.

Kurama noticed that Naruto started to speak less and he comforted the Hokage by saying that they were able to take down Otsutsuki, which was their goal. He also explained that since he is dead, it doesn’t mean that Naruto will die too as Kurama’s death was the use of excessive chakra. He added that Naruto should be careful since he doesn’t have the Tailed Beast power anymore.

After their talk, Naruto watched as Kurama disappeared. He didn’t have time to mourn over the loss of his best friend as he and Sasuke faced another set of enemies who threatened the peace they built. With Kurama gone, it is evident that Naruto’s powers have lessened. Fans will have to see more of the impact of Kurama’s loss in the next chapters of Boruto.

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