Stranger Things Actor David Harbour Facetimes The Duffer Brothers On National TV To Ask About Hopper

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During a guest appearance earlier this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers, David Harbour opened up about working with the now-growing teenagers of Stranger Things and more importantly, the fate of his character Chief Jim Hopper. Ever since Netflix dropped the third season, fans of the show have been buzzing with theories about whether or not Hopper managed to make it out alive of that heartwrenching finale.

"I have a question, and I'll let you guys answer to the camera but uh, the question is am I dead? Is Hopper dead?" Harbour asks the series' showrunners in a Facetime call he made live with the encouragement of Meyers. The Duffer Brothers had one simple, yet frustrating response: "We're still figuring it out."

This was met with both cheers and applause from the crowd, with Meyers offering to "sweeten the pot" with a dollar for more details. Harbour went on to talk more about his thoughts on Hopper's fate and the show's earlier days.

"Here's the thing⁠—I always knew that Hopper had to make a sacrifice," he said. "Like, he's a jerk and like he also needs to pay for that in some way." He also acknowledged the popular theory of Hopper surviving the blast and somehow managing to get trapped inside a Russian prison. If you may recall, the finale came with a post-credits scene showing a mysterious facility with several holding cells. In the scene, two soldiers are walking along one corridor with one of them pausing at one of the cells and the other responding with, "No. Not the American."

"And I was like, ‘Oh clearly I'm the American' and then I haven't gotten many phone calls," Harbour joked. One interesting tidbit he was able to share, however, was the show's original name: Montauk. Apparently, he had been for this title and hated the idea of calling the show Stranger Things before seeing its now-famous title card which he ended up falling in love with.

As for working with the show's growing teens, Harbour mostly laughed and talked about walking away from conversations where he feels "qualified" to speak, but refuses to give any answers to let the kids learn their lessons on their own.

Although Netflix has announced the coming of the fourth season of this beloved sci-fi, it has yet to share any details of when it's going to air. The first season aired on July 2016, it was followed by the second season in October of 2017, and the latest one came out last July 4th.

Judging from this pattern, the fourth could air any time between late 2020 or early 2021.

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