Stranger Things 4 Gets Spooky Announcement Trailer

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Netflix had landed another hit with the last season of Stranger Things, and for sure the Duffer Brothers are already prepping for the fourth season. Just in, Netflix has released a new announcement trailer for Stranger Things Season 4, and it promises audiences that "We're Not in Hawkins Anymore."

We don't know what the story for the fourth season is, but it's likely we could be returning to the Upside Down. With the first and second season giving us glimpses of the "parallel dimension", we didn't really get to visit it when it came to the last season. Then again, if we did, I think it would undermine Eleven's closing of the gate from Season 2. It's likely the gate will be opened again when it comes to Stranger Things Season 4, but it's likely that it will be in Russia this time and not in Hawkins.

With that in mind, how do our main characters play a part? We know that the friends have separated by the end of the third season, but it's likely we could be getting a reunion soon. After a stellar run, a lot of fans are also curious if we're ever going to see Hopper again. The big guess is that he was actually transported somewhere else when the machine in the lab exploded, and it's likely he'll be trying to find a way to get back home. Then again, I'm alright with him just being some figure in the series, because I think it would undermine his sacrifice if he was actually still alive.

No release date has been announced for Stranger Things Season 4, but you can check out the first three seasons on Netflix.

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