What Are the New Skills Rimuru Tempest Acquired When He Evolved Into a Demon Lord in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: 8 Bit

Credit: 8 Bit

In That Time I Got Reincarnated a Slime, the first courof the Isekai show's second season marked an important turning point for Rimuru. Ever since our hero got reincarnated in a magical world as a slime with unique abilities, he has always been a bit on the overpowered side. But what changed now that he evolved into a demon lord? What new skills did he acquire? Here's everything you need to know:

From the moment our main character – once known as Satoru – got murdered and reincarnated as a slime, it was obvious that he no longer obeyed the rules of nature as he knew them. After all, the very form of slime, which would have otherwise been a curse, doesn't prevent him from making friends and having adventures.

Rather, the slime form works in Rimuru's favor, as he's able to use a spell called Gluttony, to devour anything and takes his form. Of course, he doesn't stop there. As time goes by, Rimuru acquires more and more new abilities and skills, eventually evolving to a Demon Lord. What exactly does this mean for him?

When Rimuru resolved to become a Demon Lord, he was after a very particular skill: simply put, the ability to regenerate dead people's souls and bring them back to life. His stronghold, Tempest, had just been attacked and many of his beloved subjects had been killed. Shortly after, Rimuru was informed that his becoming a Demon Lord would give his friends a new chance to live.

Being Rimuru, he wouldn't let the chance of saving his friends pass him by; but the evolution came at a price: to become a Demon Lord Rimuru had to kill at least ten thousand enemies almost simultaneously. The attack by Falmuth soldiers at just that time gave him a convenient excuse to go through with his plan.

Helped by his surviving friends and a few new allies, Rimuru defeated the soldiers. As the "Voice of the World" – the neutral voice that informs us of the occurrences in Rimuru's world – explained, Rimuru then gained an ability called "Merciless". Immediately, he was overcome by fatigue and thus began what the voice called his Harvest Festival.

A Harvest Festival is a fancy name to describe the process of evolving into a True Demon Lord; this is the ultimate form one can assume in Rimuru's world, perhaps only inferior to Dragons. From the moment a character becomes a Demon Lord, he has the largest Magicule capacity possible, meaning this magic-user will be able to perform much stronger spells.

During the Harvest Festival, Rimuru had to undergo a physical transformation, which so far has been visible in his now red eyes. All his abilities have been significantly enhanced and as the Voice informs us, he can now freely change his material and spiritual bodies.

But Rimuru isn't just any Demon Lord. As a Demon Slime, he has several species-specific skills. These include Infinite Regeneration, which will happen even faster than before, and Universal Detect, meaning that he will be able to sense heat sources and soundwaves and have an enhanced sense of smell. Other skills mentioned by the Voice include "Lord's Ambition" and "Universal Thread."

Rimuru will also now be much more resistant to attacks, making him nearly invincible. Following that, his skill known as "Wise One" evolved into the Ultimate Skill "Raphael." Then, Rimuru's short-lived new acquisition "Merciless" was sacrificed to evolve Gluttony, his signature skill that allows him to devour anything and take its form. This resulted in Gluttony evolving into the Ultimate Skill "Beelzebub."

Judging from his attempt to resurrect his friends, we can assume that Beezlebub allows him to redirect not only physical bodies anymore but also life energy. When his own energy was not enough he was able to do use that of some demons who offered to serve him, managing to revive his slain friends.

We have yet to see the exact meaning of all of Rimuru's new skills. Their naming after angels and demons can be confusing, as we can't tell what they can do just by hearing about them. One thing is for certain: they indicate that Rimuru now has godlike powers – we can only hope he won't lose himself in the process.

You can watch season 2 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime on Crunchyrollin Japanese with English subtitles or in Funimation in English dub. Also, check out the ongoing manga and light novel if you crave more Slime content: there's plenty.

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