Wesley Snipes Opens Up About Potential Appearance in MCU's Blade Reboot

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Long before the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Blade have already proven their critical and box office dominance and it isn't hard to understand how Marvel Studios is looking to reboot the franchise which was pretty much put on the map but Hollywood icon Wesley Snipes.


A lot of fans are convinced that the 58-year-old actor can still go in the MCU as Eric Brooks but Kevin Feige obviously has other plans for the character moving forward. In case you weren't aware, Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali will now be taking on the role of Marvel's legendary daywalker in the upcoming Blade reboot, a move that Snipes fully supports.

But according to him, if the doors would once again open for him to reprise the role majority of fans believe he truly nailed, he'd have no problem returning. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Snipes said: "You never know. Under the right circumstances, I'm open to play with everybody. I know that people associate me with that role."

He added: "The Daywalker community out there is a part of the Daywalker clique and our global community identifies with a little bit of that world and the new definition of Daywalkers, these global hyphenated multi-talented individuals capable of doing more things at one time, skill masters, as we call them. So, we gonna keep going, we gonna keep bringing."

Although Marvel Studios has already found Snipes' successor, the possibility of him reemerging as Blade is still incredibly high considering the MCU is now exploring the wonders of the multiverse. And while I think it would be a delight to see him back as Eric Brooks one more time, we gotta think about the franchise's future and that is undoubtedly Mahershala.

Marvel Studios' Blade will hit cinemas in 2022.

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