We're Getting Three New Kingdom Hearts III Trailers in December

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Kingdom Hearts III is finally done and fans just have to wait a little bit more before they can play the finale to this long, fun, and convoluted series. Fans have been waiting for this sequel for more than a decade, so everyone is hoping that the payoff is going to be worth it. Then again, when you consider how trash the story is, people are probably just in it for the gameplay and fanservice.

As we wait for the game to actually come out, the game's Japanese Twitter account has confirmed that we're getting new videos on the game in December. One new video on the game will be coming out on December 10, then one last trailer will be released on December 18, which should be exciting. Finally, a 30-second cut that will be shown in theaters is scheduled for a December 21 release.

Some fans have complained about the number of trailers this game is getting but there is something they need to know; Kingdom Hearts is a convoluted mess. From what the most recent trailers have revealed, fans only have the smallest clue as to what to expect in this ridiculously awesome gaming series. All we know is that Organization XIII and Xehanort are back, and Aqua has fallen to the darkness.


The trailers don't even show the Final Fantasy/Square Enix characters that will be appearing in the game, assuming there will be some. Kingdom Hearts was made for these crossovers, so not having any Final Fantasy characters would be disappointing. Expect Noctis to appear, and maybe a few returnees like Cloud and Sq--Leon.

Kingdom Hearts III comes to PS4 and Xbox One (for some reason) on January 29, 2019.

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